Siesta helps improve the emotional memory of children

The nap It is one of the most recommended practices by experts. A small break in the middle of the day that helps cope with laziness after meals, recharges the batteries to face the last part of the day. However, these naps do not only ensure a recovery after the energies spent in the morning.

A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Amherst indicates that sleeping nap It helps children to improve their emotional memory. A result that is appreciated when this break is respected in the early years of childhood. Some benefits that help consolidate the first memories in children.

Processing of emotions

The evidence that the dream contributes to the improvement in the management of emotions exist. Both adults and children have a better mood in those occasions where the hours of break they respected each other The researchers highlight how children who do not nap may seem more grumpy or apathetic in those days where they skip this moment.

To check the effects of napping on the emotional memory, researchers gave several children of about five years different images with faces that described words, both good and bad. A priori, after the nap, there was no improvement in this skill.

However, after the night, improvements were noticed in those children who had napped. These little ones demonstrated a better memory when defining their emotions and relate them to the cards and the faces presented in them. An advantage that allows children to recognize these sensations and can communicate them in the moments when they feel them.

Benefits of napping in children

As has already been said, the siesta has different benefits for the little ones in the house. Not only as the one that highlights this study, but others that allow children get the best themselves:

- Performance improvement. A nod ensures that children have energy and can perform to the maximum with their abilities and solve problems that arise, as well as their obligations.

- Improves school performance. Fulfilling the sleep schedule not only ensures energy for the entire afternoon, but have enough batteries to endure day after day at school or in any other space.

- Positivism. As has already been said, not complying with sleep schedules means that the youngest ones present a bad mood, otherwise the attitude is better.

- Improves concentration. Fulfilling sleep schedules means that the little ones have their abilities to the fullest and can put all their senses in these purposes.

Damián Montero

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