The spending of families during the summer grows 23%

Summer and holidays do not just mean rest. Both words also refer to an increase in expenditure in families and a blow to the family economy. Trips, discounts that get out of hand, disbursements tied to transfers to other locations. Situation that lasts until September, when the return to school puts the culmination to this context.

How much does the expenditure of families during the summer? To what extent does the household economy suffer at this time? On this subject it deals with the study elaborated by Fintonic and where the change is supposed that supposes for these nuclei the arrival of the summer period.

Holidays and discounts

The data from this study indicate that during the summer families increase the withdrawal of cash from their bank accounts. A growth coded in a 23% more than in the previous months. A total of 375 euros per month are withdrawn during the months of the summer period.

The use of the credit card also it increases during the summer months to cope with the expenses derived from this period. An average of 736 euros is allocated to cover these disbursements using this method. Another aspect that grows during the summer period is the request for personal loans that grow by 5%. Data obtained after reviewing more than 150,000 banking users.

Users who have also answered questions related to the destination of this expenditure made during the summer. Holidays and discounts are the two items that involve the most expense. In particular, tourist accommodation and transportation are among the main investments in the summer months.

In relation to the transfer during the holidays, the visits to the workshop and the maintenance of the vehicle cost a total of 125 euros for the family economy. Another Achilles heel for the home are the sales that increase the impulse of the purchases that mean that only in the month of July an average of 102 euros for each nucleus.

This study also reflects that there are other unexpected expenses, such as fines, that may affect our bank account. In summer the number of sanctions received by Spaniards (mainly traffic) grew by 3.2%. It also increases the average amount we pay for them. In summer it is 220 euros, compared to 185 annual average.

Save in summer

There is no doubt that summer increases the spending of families, so you have to ask yourself how to save on this vacation. Here are some tips for this:

- Compare before buying. Both in the sales, as in the purchase of a travel package or any summer expense, it is always better to compare to find the most affordable prices for the most appropriate product or service.

- Become aware. Keeping a cool head is the best advice. On the road, monitoring speed will prevent unwanted fines from reaching home. Keeping in mind what you are looking for before buying in rebates will allow you to get home no more garments than necessary.

- Be careful with the bill. During the summer months the air conditioning machines are a regular companion to solve the heat. But we must ensure that its use does not involve a large expenditure or betting on cheaper alternatives to heat the home.

- Monitor the whims. It's easy to get carried away by your eyes on vacation. An ice cream, a meal, a soft drink on a terrace. There are many things that you want at this time and that in the end can end up being too expensive for the family.

- Search for free activities. Many are the free activities that are offered both in the tourist destinations and in the same city, in the case that there is no geographical transfer. An afternoon search will provide an extensive catalog.

Damián Montero

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