Summer crafts with which to occupy the hot afternoons

The school year ends, the holidays arrive and with them free time. Although the youngest of the house do not leave aside the academic work, the amount of hours that previously devoted to studies and other tasks is reduced. What to do at this time? How to prevent boredom from dominating the days of children and young people during the summer period?

The hot afternoons also do not help to find an answer to this free time. To avoid this situation we must pull imagination and look for activities that distract and also have benefits for all. An example is the Crafts that foster the creativity of children and enhance skills such as fine motor skills in children.

Crafts for summer evenings

These are some ideas with which to be able to occupy the afternoons of the summer and to avoid that the boredom seizes of the vacations of the children:

Photo frames.

In summer there are many trips that can be made and most of them are memories in the form of photography. Select the best ones and expose them in a frame to decorate the house is a fantastic idea. Instead of buying one in a store, the whole family can put themselves to the mess and elaborate this article.

Homemade kite.

Flying a kite is a fun activity and in which the whole family can participate. Betting on this craft will not only ensure fun evenings while performing. It will also entertain the children while they learn to manage it.

Homemade icecream.

The confectionery is also a craft that can occupy the evenings of the smallest. In addition options such as homemade ice cream ensures a dessert that everyone likes and more nutritious since it will be the family who chooses the ingredients. An opportunity to bring the little ones to the kitchen and begin to develop in this territory.

Anklet bracelet.

In the summer the feet walk with more freedom, why not decorate them a bit? Ankle bracelets can be the solution. An afternoon of work with the family and the little ones, as well as the biggest ones, will be able to boast of this homemade complement during their visits to swimming pools or beaches.

Paper mill.

A simple craft that requires few materials. A good idea that can also serve to improve the fine motor skills of children and that can be placed in the windows to give an air that is consistent with the time of year.

Fruit smoothies.

As has been said, the pastry can serve to distract the little ones during these days. In this case, the whole family can tie their apron and dare to make a fruit smoothie for snacks and even desserts on some nights. Like ice cream, you have total control over the ingredients, so the result is more nutritious than those that can be purchased in the supermarket.

Damián Montero

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