What do you do to get to everything?

The issue of women's work has a lot to do with the ability to choose, personally and responsibly, the good and to accept with coherence the consequences of that choice. And always thinking that you do not get everything, that you always have to give something in return.

It is the anecdote of that family mother who had a position of responsibility in a company, when I dared to ask her: "What do you do to get to everything?". To which he answered with the greatest naturalness and the best smile: "And to you who told you that I get to everything?"

For what

We are immediately on the subject of purpose. All human acts must have a purpose. Only irrational beings act without knowing why, or for what. Therefore the decision to work will also be supported by that idea of ​​purpose.

If we focus on the work of women outside the home, the question, in all its radicality, can be formulated as follows: For what work? The answers can be very varied, but they could be grouped into different levels.
- Those who seek to escape from household chores.
- Those who are forced to work to provide the family with money they need.
- Those who have such a clearly defined professional vocation that they need this work as a counterbalance to their psychological equilibrium.
- And a hundred motivations more than in each case will be nuanced by the characteristics of his personality.

At what price

Once the ultimate reason for their work has been identified, the woman, before making the decision, will have to analyze and weigh the options she has rejected or, if it is more harshly preferred, the price in currencies of freedom that she is paying.

Look in the eyes

I do not intend to make it difficult, I'm content to make it rational. I just want the woman to be able to look at herself in the mirror and give a reason for her way of acting. Everything but cheating in solitaire. Bad manners that eventually end in personal reluctance, anguish and dissatisfaction, because no matter how hard we try we are indissolubly married to our conscience, which becomes a continuous alarm ready to wipe out the most pleasant dreams.

This whole process is not exclusive of the central moment of the decision to work or not. It will be convenient to review it every time there is a change in the basic data that has helped us to take our resolution. Life is, among other things, eminently dynamic, biographical, changing ... and, if we want to act on reality, we can not continue operating today with parameters of yesterday.

I think I have not ignited any controversy. I have not wet enough. The issue remains open, not for strategy, but to respect very seriously the freedom of each person. The only thing that I have tried to look for is a call to the sense of responsibility.

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