Languages: total immersion in values

The practice of languages ​​has become one of the main characteristics of the majority of Camp offers and summer courses what's in the market To this fundamental aspect already, joins the own personal development of the child or adolescent facing his professional future, and the acquisition of values ​​in free time. The camps of today are already much more than wonderful days in nature.

In the camps, activities are not only done and sports are practiced, but through them, children acquire and develop many values ​​in a transversal way while the activities are carried out, "values ​​such as companionship, teamwork, responsibility, respect, empathy, order, discipline ...", ensure the professionals of the number 1 search engine of summer camps and courses abroad, This web portal offers all kinds of options working with companies selected for quality criteria, with extensive experience in this field at a national and international level, activities with children; develops trips for schools; and has education, leisure and language professionals whose mission is to guarantee users the highest security, confidence and quality for their children.

Solocampamentos was born five years ago. "There were many summer camps and many parents looking for one for their children, and we tried to create a showcase to contact those offers with the diverse needs of parents, who now have a secure web portal with a diverse range of well-known camp programs. ", recalls its marketing director, Covadonga Berjón. Today an important part of its offer is developed abroad and almost 90% of its offer includes learning another language. "Most of them are in English, but each time they demand more French as a second language," he says. "Summer camps are a good way to strengthen the Language learning and putting it into practice in a fun, dynamic and interactive way. We even have total immersion camps, in which the practice of the language takes place throughout 24 hours a day, and with native monitors, "he adds.

The range to choose from is very broad. For example, nowadays almost all camps have English or other languages ​​present in their programs, either through classes or total immersion in the language. Other examples are the day camps in urban centers, which in recent years have grown a lot. Children of all ages attend, but mainly the participants are usually smaller than in the overnight camps. The offer is so wide that it is important to choose between those that offer a minimum of experience and quality.

Looking at the future

"With children, the important thing is to understand the balance between play and learning, and motivate their curiosity, and among adolescents, the key is to make English a useful opportunity for personal autonomy in their environment, travel, technology, art, culture ... encourages you to realize its usefulness in daily life with projects and presentations ", say the people in charge of the Summer Plus summer camps and courses, which focuses on helping children learn useful face skills to the future through interesting and fun activities for them. These activities are grouped under the following concepts: discover, move, imagine, invent, create, innovate Y think. With a summer offer that covers children from four years to teenagers, the British Council adapts the methodology according to the needs of the students.

The usefulness and variety of activities is very studied to improve their learning because they will do things as diverse as robotics, programming with Micro: bit or they will be actors in plays to acquire fluency. In short, with these activities and projects, Summer Plus gets them to use English in a real and relevant context for them, while developing their creativity and psychomotricity. Summer Plus is this summer in the centers of the British Council of Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Community of Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia.

For Rosina Bernar, head of Bestsummers, the best way to improve English is to go to one of the camps for American children offered in the United States. All of them have personally selected her as a demanding mother: she knows them and visits them, and she works with them throughout the year as well as being there in summer for more than a decade. In these camps there are no classes, you learn by immersion, 24 hours a day practicing the language. "Choosing the camp that best suits the personality, tastes and potential of our children is very important, for this you have to know thoroughly, not only the facilities and the program of each of the camps, but the people who are behind, his philosophy, and children who for weeks will coexist with your children, "says Bernar.

Therefore, the best thing is to personally know the families and children, to recommend the most appropriate among the great offer. Bestsummers offers traditional Multi Activities and Sports camps and specialized camps (tennis, golf, theater, music, art, horse riding, cinema, dance, etc.), mixed, of girls or boys, from 8 to 17 years old.The Bestsummers camps are presented as educational programs that, through activities and sports, promote values ​​and work very important facets for the formation of our children, helping them to develop their character, their emotional and social intelligence, friendship, companionship, adaptation to the group, curiosity, respect, self-control, tolerance and teamwork.

Critical thinking

Studying a course abroad multiplies the future prospects of the students, and to respond to this reality, the project EduCaser offers different international academic programs. In EduCaser they are clear that studying a course abroad (10 months) a student acquires knowledge and skills that would take years to get otherwise, in addition to achieving a command of the English language unattainable in a similar period of time with another methodology. "With these programs we are giving our children a great opportunity for their future, preparing them to think critically and act creating value with their work," they say.

This month the deadline for to apply for the United States scholarship program, the most demanded by Spanish parents, that EduCaser offers in unbeatable economic conditions, (€ 12,500) including all visa management services, sworn translations and validation and with all guarantees Caser. Creating an international awareness in our children is fundamental so that they can adapt to a more globalized world of work, so EduCaser also proposes destinations such as Canada from € 20,000 (in an exceptional education system) or Ireland (with a special promotion in Cork) for € 15,500).

Sergio Ortega

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