Noisy children, how to educate so as not to disturb

Children need to move. To pretend that a little one stays still is impossible, in addition to a goal that is not advisable for the parents since it inculcates a sedentary lifestyle. However, sometimes excitement and excitement make you get carried away by the fun bothering to other people, be they neighbors or other passers-by in the street.

You have to know how to teach children so that do not disturb while having fun, to avoid excessive noise in their activities and make everything go smoothly. Values ​​such as respect and make clear certain rules before and during the practice of the game, will be essential to achieve this goal.

How to avoid bothering: this way we do not make a lot of noise

The best thing to prevent problems is that before any problem is to make clear some rules about the development of the activity. Among these keys should be respect for silence and avoiding intense noises that may annoy others. It is normal that before fun and movement forget about these aspects that their parents pointed out to them before.

As they indicate from the Royal College of Psychiatrics In the United Kingdom, it is important to have simple rules about what is and is not allowed. Do not allow children to freely interpret the rules and act according to what they do not like being noisy or behaving in an inappropriate way.

It is also important that both parents get involved and agree on these rules and be consistent of the possible consequences of acting differently. If one of the father figures is rigid, and the other indicates the opposite, the child will not be clear about the rules and will always opt for the path that is most beneficial.

If both parents agree to maintain the same point of view and to apply the same rules, will help children know what is expected of them and learn self-control. It is also recommended that parents get involved in some way in the activity of their children either as active members or simply as referees who are aware at all times of what the children do.

The importance of the example not to disturb

Do not forget the responsibility that every father has in the education of his children. Therefore, they must become a reference in terms of manners for the little ones. For example, during meals and after dinner activities, it is convenient to be serene and not noisy, maintain your composure and avoid any behavior that may disturb others.

In this way, the child will have a mirror in which to look and in which to learn manners. These are some behavioral samples that parents should show both in public and in private:

- Maintain an adequate tone of voice, never raise your voice even when we are not served in the restaurant. In this case it is best to get up and ask some of the staff members.

- Occupy the space that corresponds. At the time of walking down the street you can not pretend to occupy both lanes, you have to allow other people to walk too and not form a horizontal row that prevents the passage.

- Respect the rows. We are all in a hurry, but that is no reason to skip the order of lines or queues where other people wait.

- Do not invade the space of others. Just as children play in a certain area, parents must also respect other people's space.

Damián Montero

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