Fears in the couple, how to overcome them and strengthen this union

The fear it is a natural reaction to the unknown and other situations that can suppose the loss of control on the part of the individuals. Even in contexts as beautiful as are the love in the couple usually appear certain fears that prevent the maximum enjoyment of the other person and the moments that are shared with her.

Overcome these fears It will help to strengthen the union between the couple and teach a good lesson on how to deal with the stones that appear along the way. Although these terrors can not be avoided, especially at the beginning of relationships, it is possible to fight them and face them when they appear.

Fear of compromise

This is one of the most common fears in the couple, especially at the beginning of a relationship. As the psychologist explains Ciara Molina This fear appears before the idea that the bubble of well-being where the person lives can be broken, a false sensation of danger before the idea that it can worsen the context where one lives and that the current welfare changes.

In short, this fear is the same as anyone feels when leaving their comfort zone and start something new. A step towards the unknown always causes fear in individuals. Couples who go through these situations in the first place should front facing that not everything has to be like the rest, that everyone acts at their own pace and that love can go to another rhythm.

People with fear of compromise should go little by little, checking that the Benefits What they can get from this situation are greater than what they have when they are alone. In short, face these moments calmly and never run away from problems. It is also recommended that they make an effort to talk with the other member of the couple about the feelings that appear so that they can deal with them in depth.

Fear of abandonment

The psychologist Natalia Vivas also speaks of the fear of abandonment as one of the common in the couple. These individuals fear the idea of ​​losing their partner and all the benefits that this coexistence is giving them. If in the case of the fears of compromise the origin is in the panic to leave the comfort zone, here the base appears in a problem of trust.

These people need constant approval from their partners and a reminder that they are loved. The feeling of inferiority causes a fear that the other individual may think the same and the first step to overcome this terror is to be aware that if love has arisen it is because something of us has liked the other person.

Damián Montero

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