Forest fires: how to educate in the prevention of environmental risk

The heritage of a society is not only measured in the amount of monuments it has or in its libraries, theaters and culture. The natural environment also has a great importance, however every summer the forests and the mountains face the great danger of forest fires. Fires that cause great damage in this green fortune.

Education can also play an important role in the prevention of forest fires. Making children understand the importance of caring for this natural heritage and instilling safety habits for each visit to the field will contribute to a much lower risk of these fires. Form from small so that when they are older they are responsible and know very well what they do.

Beware of waste in nature

Visiting the countryside is a perfect activity to disconnect from the big city and that kids love for the amount of games they can do in this environment. In addition they can also learn great things of this natural heritage, such as the great variety of trees and plant species that form it. However, these lessons must also include those related to their responsibility for the care of these areas.

The first of these lessons should be the reminder that the waste must be collected once the activity. Remains of sandwiches, wrappings, containers, cans, etc. Everything must be left in a garbage bag after use. This will prevent the presence of potentially combustible elements that end up igniting a flame in this area.

Attention to the natural environment

Parents should also let their children know how important their performance can be in the first moments of a fire. Advise them that at the first sign of a fire in the field, the first thing is to get away from him and warn his parents to warn the relevant authorities to come to this area and act in the best way to end this serious situation .

As members of society, children must understand their part of responsibility in this point. Before any element that could alter the situation of nature, the smallest should warn the authorities to put an end to this situation as soon as possible.

If you live a fire

If during the visit to the field, the family lives a forest fire, parents should know how to react to these situations to take care of the little ones. Here are some tips for parents:

- Call the emergency number as soon as you see a column of smoke or suspect that there may be an incipient fire. In this call all the possible data must be given so that the authorities locate the fire.

- Observe the direction of the fire and plan an escape exit, always in the opposite direction to the fire and hillside as the fire tends to rise.

- Stay calm. Although the importance of the situation can not be denied, depending on the state in which they see their parents, the children will react. You have to stay calm and attentive to the situation, not get carried away by nerves. If possible, you should talk with the children to assure them that their family and friends will take care of them and put them safe.

- Once safe, Children should be allowed to talk about their feelings and concerns and ask questions about the event.

Damián Montero

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