The Ministry of Education will create an exchange program with Asia

University life has multiple options to learn beyond the classroom, from visits to libraries where to find volumes with which to know more than a certain subject, to the activities offered in this field to extend the academic curriculum. Among all these possibilities appear scholarships Erasmus, that allow to know other countries and cultures to the students.

Most scholarships Erasmus They take place within the European Union, however in the next courses the university students will have the possibility of visiting another continent: Asia. This is what the Ministry of Education that on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this student exchange program last 2017, during this 2018 will allow those students who wish, and meet the requirements, part of their career in several countries in this territory.

Greater internationalization

As indicated by the Ministry of Education, this internationalization program will be developed within the ASEM framework, an alliance between Europe and Asia. A great novelty in the Erasmus + program that is an anniversary and that promises to expand the offer for future university courses with projects like this that will allow students to know a culture as different as the Asian.

A program that over the years has gone from managing the exchange of 95 students in 1987 to almost 61.000 in this last course. The 30 years of Erasmus + are summarized in the following figures:

-625,300 Higher Education students.
-73,100 Vocational Training students.
-114,400 teaching staff and other participants.

Benefits of the Erasmus grant

The Erasmus grant is another way to develop in the university and vocational training. Not only because the student can get skills such as mastery of a new language, but also because you can acquire new habilities for your day to day. These are several of its benefits:

- Language improvement. Being in another country means knowing another language to adapt to the day to day of this territory. In case the language is not English, you must also master the latter to communicate with other colleagues

- Increase in independence. Some students do not know what independence is until they embark on the Erasmus program. Therefore, take advantage of these scholarships is a very important lesson for the future of students.

- Greater security. The fact that you can survive in a foreign country means that the student will gain more self-esteem and security to face future challenges in his life.

-Know other cultures. Another country means another lifestyle and other ways of doing things. Knowing and learning them will expand the student's vision and perhaps teach him a new method more attractive and adapted to his characteristics.

Damián Montero

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