Breastfeeding improves your bacterial flora

The breast of the mother is the first food that the baby should take when it comes to this world. The breastmilk It has many benefits, both psychological (improvement of the bond with the child) and in the field of greeting. Breastfeeding a child means providing protection against infections and other diseases that could weigh on their first years of life.

Now, new research suggests another benefit of breastfeeding the baby: improving its bacterial flora. The work done by the Mattel Pediatric Hospital at UCLA has found a relationship between breast milk and improving the digestive system in the smallest.

Breast milk improves in digestions

This investigation focused on 107 couples with children of nursing age. The objective was to verify if the fact that they received the breast improved in some way their bacterial flora. After analyzing these cases, UCLA professionals found that in these babies the presence of bacterial flora beneficial for digestion had increased by 30%.

A fact that not only helps the digestions of these children are better. The presence of this bacterial flora also helps the health of the little ones in another way, for example avoiding diseases such as type 1 diabetes. Usually, children who suffer from this metabolic disorder also have abnormalities in the bacterial population in their intestines.

The presence of this bacterial flora also plays a very important role in preventing diseases and improving the protection It offers the immune system keeping away diseases such as inflammation of the intestine. On the other hand, as has been said, this improvement also means less heavy digestion in the smallest, something that becomes evident especially when they begin to introduce solid foods in the children's diet.

"We are becoming increasingly aware of how these bacterial communities, particularly those of the gut, help protect against diseases We know from animal models that if you get good bacteria in the intestine early in life, it is more likely to be healthy, "he explained Grace Aldrovandi, principal author of this study.


Benefits of breastfeeding for the baby

Whenever possible, the mother should bet on breastfeeding her baby. There are few Benefits discovered by science, these are some of them:

- Provides the right nutrients for the child in the proportion and temperature recommended by the pediatricians.

- It is easily digested and assimilated by the organism.

- It favors the development of the jaw. When performing the act of sucking, the child exercises this area of ​​the body, which has benefits when it comes to learning to speak and chew correctly in the future.

- Makes the child more predisposed to accept the variety of foods through the variety of the mother's menu, which will result in flavors.

Damián Montero

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