How to help low capacity is not an obstacle

School is one of the most important stages of life. It is there where the path that will determine the academic future of people begins. The knowledge and skills that are acquired will begin to sign the curriculum of the child who in the future will look for a job. However, not all of them leave the same place and some students have less capabilities than your classmates

It is in these cases where you have to work to adapt them as best you can. The success of this effort will depend on the integration of the student with low capacities. In addition, making him feel like one more will also prevent him from being teased by his peers by being different from them.

Low capacity

The specialists consider that a child has low capacity when after a psychological evaluation has an IQ of 70 or something lower the same. This affects their ability to learn at school because it is slower and assimilate the contents at a different pace than their peers, something that can make fun of this difference.

Knowing if a child can have low abilities is easy if you attend to their day to day. Parents and teachers of the school should look at the difficulties of children when it comes to learning. It is important to know if it is not some sensory deficit, attention or physical problem that causes this situation.

If it is appreciated that the child follows a learning rhythm different, and there is no other reason that can explain it, it will be necessary to carry out a psychopedagogical evaluation where the different factors that can affect a low performance due to a low intellectual capacity are analyzed.

Help the child with low abilities

Once he exam has determined that it is a case of low capacities, all people involved in its care must ensure its proper development. These are some guidelines that entities related to their education must follow:

- At school. Support teachers should be present who, individually or in small groups, help the children by reinforcing the school contents of the main instrumental areas: mathematics and language.

- In the family. Parents should help their children with homework. The contents should be reinforced on a daily basis. The parents will have to coordinate with the school to know and work on the most deficient aspects, as indicated by the teacher.

In this help in education, the game It is a good opportunity to help. Sometimes, these children make an effort superior to the rest of their classmates and some activities such as letter soups, seven errors, crossword puzzles, etc. they serve to develop deficit skills.

Within the school you will have to make a permanent evaluation to detect the condition of the child with low abilities. This center will from time to time issue a psycho-pedagogical report in which their needs are indicated and transmitted to their support teachers and parents in order to maintain a good rhythm of teaching.

Damián Montero

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