With Bugaboo Bee5 we show our own style

Customize our own Bugaboo It has been the dream of many parents during the wait for their first child and now with the Bee5 it is possible. This was the incredible surprise that the Bugaboo team prepared us in the presentation event of the Bugaboo Bee5 It takes customization to another level and offers parents more style options than ever before.

The first thing that struck us when we arrived at the presentation were the 15 new colors and materials that had been added to the portfolio, in addition to the new and interchangeable ones wheel rims and synthetic leather handlebar covers, so that parents can create their perfect stroller as many times as they want.

However, after examining the portfolio, we still could not suspect the fun that awaited us by taking the customization to the highest level. That's when the Bugaboo team proposed a game to us: "Now you can create the combination that you like the most. Bugaboo Bee5 to make it known through your means of communication. "Imagine the wonder of being able to choose between any of the new 15 colors, which include shades such as olive green and dark red, with infinite possibilities to mix and match.

Thisfamilywelove personalizes the Bugaboo Bee5

So we got down to work to choose color of chair, carrycot and hood among these new collections: the Core collection, with basic bright colors; the Premium collection, with subdued melange colors; and the new Signature collection, which stands out for its Botanical and Waves printed fabrics.

Unlike other media, in Thisfamilywelove we had the privilege of designing two models. Pablo, our director of Marketing and Advertising, and also the "soul of the party", created a complete car that fits very well with his own style, since he likes to move according to the latest trends, and his stroller is based on the Premium collection.

The perfect choice for "urbanites" like me was to combine the Botanical print of the Signature collection with the basic yellow and very alive of the Core collection, with which of course the Bugaboo Bee5 does not go unnoticed.

What we liked most about the new Bugaboo Bee 5

Among the novelties incorporated in the new Bugaboo Bee5, we highlight the improvement of accessibility to storage basket thanks to the fact that the seat of the chair can be lifted easily. A very practical novelty for moms and dads who want to shop in the city with their baby. In addition, this chair is now reversible, so that it allows the baby to look at the world and its parents.

The walk is even more comfortable because it has a improved suspension. The Front wheels have a new design, which provides more stability and offers better performance in the turn.

And if we get tired of the design chosen as the first option, I love that the chair cover can be separated from the structure, to renew and update the look of the stroller that you can make more luxurious with the new synthetic leather covers for the handlebar.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

Video: Bugaboo bee 5 - show your style

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