10 phrases to reflect with children about the environment

Happy environment day! And it does not matter if it is today or tomorrow: we must take care of the habitat in which we live every day, with every small gesture ... and also transmit it to the smallest of the house. Therefore, and thinking about this day, we bring somechoice of phrases to raise awareness about caring for the environment.

The natural parks they are a living example of the wonder of the world in which we are born, and that we must take care of, but we are not only talking about big parks: every day, in our house, we must try not to contaminate, and the Environment Day, which is celebrated every June 5, is more than an excuse that reminds us.

Thinking about how important it is to transmit this idea of ​​taking care of the planet to the smallest of the house or school, and as a way to pay homage to our planet, we have recovered these famous phrases and we have put them in pictures of, of course, the environment.

We propose to read them with the children of the house and reflect with them: What do you think these words mean? they agree? How can we put them into practice in our day to day?

10 phrases to reflect on the Environment

"If I knew that the world ends tomorrow, I would still plant a tree today"

"We will not have a society if we destroy the environment"

"You may be able to cheat the voters, but not the atmosphere"

"Poison the river, and he will poison you"

"Plant a tree and you will be sowing conscience"

"Everything that happens to the earth will happen to the children of the earth"

"The earth provides enough to satisfy the needs of each man, but not the greed of each man"

"Two things that call my attention: the intelligence of the beasts and the bestiality of men"

"It produces an immense sadness to think that nature speaks while men do not listen"

"The land is not an inheritance from our parents, but a loan from our children"

Angela R. Bonachera

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