The danger of new technologies for gambling addiction in adolescents

The new technologies They have brought many changes to our lives: 24-hour connection between people, the possibility of being informed at any time, sharing moments through photographs and videos. However, these articles are not perfect and also have many dangers for their users.

Cyberbullying, grooming and even risk of addiction to gambling. This is what the Galician Association of Ludópatas Rehabilitados, AGALURE. This entity affirms that the proliferation of smartphones It has also brought with it the expansion of different applications that increase the risk of a teenager becoming a gambler.

Dangerous game applications on smartphones

The smartphones They offer a multitude of applications that offer minors the possibility of betting on games of chance. While in the past to carry out this type of activity it was necessary to accredit the age of majority, nowadays new technologies allow to lie about the years a person has and participate in these games.

In this way, teenagers can participate in games of chance through the applications of their smartphones, deceiving about their age when registering in these portals. And what is more important, without their parents knowing as these devices ensure the Privacy of its user that has easier to hide its trace to adults in the case of these young people.


From leisure to addiction: gambling addiction in adolescents

AGALURE says that the presence of these applications on smartphones is very dangerous as it follows a process similar to the start of any gambler. The teenager registers and tries his luck, it is possible that good luck and win something, which seems fun and continues in this world waiting to receive more prizes. Without realizing that little by little these practices become a pure addiction.

This association mentions that in one of their studies carried out among adolescents from different institutes, at least the 37% of these students claimed to have tested these betting applications on more than one occasion. That is, they were at risk of becoming addicted to this type of games.

Digital education for adolescents

The solution? Of course: education. We must internalize that a smartphone is not a harmless element and that it has large risks for the young man Parents should be very well informed about all these dangers that new technologies entail so that, if they become real, they can be detected before the problem goes further.

In the same way, some clear rules for the use of these devices. Among these laws should be present the possibility that parents can check the phone in case there is any suspicion of incorrect activity, as in this case the use of betting applications. You also have to limit the use of these items and prevent them from being used throughout the day because even if they do not become addicted to betting, teenagers can become dependent on their smartphones.

Finally, we must be very attentive to the invoices that they get home, both from the telephone and the bank statement. In this sense we must review any anomalous expenses that are not remembered, however small they may be. Normally these applications start with micropayments and each time they go to higher amounts. To take care of the problem in its beginnings is always the best option after prevention.

Damián Montero

Video: Inside the brain of a gambling addict - BBC News

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