Back to school: ideas to mark everything you need for school

Start preparing the return to school requires organization. New books, cases, notebooks ... clothing and uniforms of one size more for children, babis, sports equipment, socks ... backpacks, sports bags ... there are many new items and items that should be identified with the name of children to avoid losing or confusing things with those of others.

To take everything well identified and avoid losses or confusion nothing better than using labels to mark everything. offers different types of thermo-adhesive or sewing labels, in various sizes and materials, depending on what we are going to identify. All of them are very practical, even for children who still can not read, as they can identify their clothes and personal objects thanks to their different types of icons, colors and letters.

Labels for marking school clothes

Identifying clothes is very easy with fabric labels and vinyl labels. The cloth ones, in turn, can be for ironing on clothes, or for sewing. The latter are ideal to hang coats or babies, jackets and coats on racks. The fact that the fabric is a soft and hypoallergenic material is very important, since in many cases it is in contact with the skin of children.

The labels of fabric termoadhesivas serve in royo to cut it to the measure that we need, according to the garment to mark. Your application is very simple. You just need to heat the iron to stick it with the heat on the garment. Once stuck to the clothes, the label resists washing at high temperature in the washing machine and the use of a dryer.

The vinyl labels are also ironed on the garment to be marked. The labels are indelible, thanks to the technology of transfer of ink. In addition, those that are made in fabric allow that they do not produce allergies or damage the skin of children.

And besides, now you can pair the socks of the whole family easily by choosing between 3 different icon models for 40 pairs of socks. And if they fall and break the pants, the easiest solution is to apply a knee pad, which you can also stick with the iron easily and quickly.

Ideas to mark objects of the nursery and school

To mark objects there are different sizes of labels and color palettes to choose from. The adhesive labels also support the use of the dishwasher, so they are apt to mark tuppers, glasses, baby bottles, plates and all kinds of typical accessories of the material that small children use in the nursery. And `so that you do not miss the pacifier, use a model of pacifier strap with clip to attach to the clothes.

Nor should we forget the older ones, who will start to return home alone this year. So that you do not lose the keys you have lanyards and key rings in various models and materials.

Identification bracelets for children of all ages

Identification wristbands are ideal for identifying children in field trips or school camps, camps, visits to museums, outings to the beach or the mountain ... They allow us to write down our personal contact data in case our child loses or becomes confused. In the case of carrying a contact phone you can call us quickly. And they are also personalized with different decorative motives that the little ones will love.

And at home, everything sorted and classified

Take advantage of the beginning of the course to throw away the old and place everything new. A great idea to order and decorate the house are the vinyl slate models for both children and adults. With the slate stickers you can identify what's in the kitchen cans, in the toy boxes, in the filing cabinets ... They are painted with liquid chalk markers of various colors, which do not get dirty and are cleaned with a damp cloth.

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