How to save on the return to school

Goodbye holidays, hello routine. After a few months of rest, without forgetting some responsibilities so as not to lose the rhythm, it is time to return to work and to the classrooms. But before setting foot in the school there is a lot to prepare. Along with the conclusion of this period also comes the back to school, episode in which all families must be made with textbooks, backpacks and different types of material.

During these days of preparation for the school year, it is important to invest large amounts of money. A waste that becomes harder to face after spending a few months in hotels, trips and meals in restaurants, you have to buy all this material type. In this way, any savings is welcome and from the Organization of Consumers and Users, OCU, several tips are given for this purpose in the back to school.

Compare and search for offers on the return to school

Is it possible to save on return to school? Since OCU an economic respite is offered with these tips so that these expenses are not so high and the recovery after the holidays is more bearable in the return to school:

- Compare prices. Not all shops have the same prices and sometimes comparing the cost of the same product in different establishments can lead to a pleasant surprise. Now, online portals allow families to access catalogs without leaving home.

- Take advantage of offers. As when comparing prices, being interested in the different offers of shops to find cheaper products will be a welcome respite for the family economy.

- Check. To what extent is it necessary to acquire a material? Before going shopping, it is recommended to review what is already possessed. If the backpacks are in good condition, the clothes have not suffered much damage and school supplies such as pencils or pens can continue to be used, the expense will be lower.

- Exchange. Second-hand books can be a good idea to save. Provided the product is in good condition and meets the requirements of the school, this idea is very attractive for the family economy.

- Shopping without temptation. Although they are the protagonists of the return to school, go shopping with them can end up in unnecessary purchases that respond to the temptations of children.

A cheaper return to school

Along with these advice offered from OCU, the return to school in 2018 will be lighter for the family economy since it is cheaper than last year. This is announced by the Privalia portal, which calculates the amount that parents will spend on their children at 366.40 euros before starting this new academic year. A waste in which textbooks will take the cake.

This expenditure item will be 240.2 euros, while fashion is second place to assume an average expenditure of 27.95 euros, in the case of tracksuit, and 30.30 euros for some shoes. The purchase of a new backpack takes 31.50 euros. A total that makes the return to school 2018 is 11.3% cheaper than the school year 2017-2018.

Damián Montero

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