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The German brand has just presented two solutions for the most numerous families at very competitive prices and with more than complete equipment. A vehicle focused on those families that need a big car in which to put the whole family and their luggage and at the same time behaves like a "normal" sedan in daily use.

The power to evoke certain vehicles is surprising and there are models that, no matter how they evolve, never lose the imprint that their first contact produced, even if it was not real and close. That is the case of the Volkswagen vans, which are officially called T6 but which will never cease to be the vans that we saw in the American films, which were as protagonists as their young and cheerful occupants traveling the world. So much so, that I can not stop uniting the new vans Carevelle, California Y Multivan with the fun of a family trip or with a group of friends.

These three models are part of a large family of the German brand within its division of commercial vehicles but adapted to the best use of families or people who like to great group trips, without giving up a large baggage or their sports equipment. And that with a large interior space, comfort for all passengers and the same benefits and safety of a tourist. To adapt to the needs of each user, the possibilities of choice are very varied, with versions of five, six, seven, eight and nine places.

Caravelle World

Recently, Volkswagen has presented the 2106 range of its two new Caravelle finishing lines: Trendline Y Premiun. In both cases, these are commercial vehicles adapted for travelers, both for professionals as individuals They need roominess and a large volume of luggage compartment.

The version Trendline It is the one that represents the best value for money. This finish offers the equipment of a mid-range / high-end tourism, with the advantage of a enormous versatility in the interior configuration, since its eight seats can be optionally converted into five, six, seven or even nine.

its standard equipment includes the CD Composition Color Radio with 5-inch touch screen, the Multifunction Display, the system Climatic, the fog lamps with turning light, the Multicollision Brake, the Fatigue Detector, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and the "Kutamo" -type upholstery.

The engine available for this finishing line is the TDI 2.0 in its 102 and 150 horsepower versions, the latter with the possibility of combining with the DSG gearbox and the 4Motion traction, practical for those who make trips that include Off-road stretches or in mountain areas with snowy winters.

At the time of the choice of the engine, the type of route and the load must be highly valued, as the difference is quite remarkable. In normal conditions, the 102 horses can be enough, but if the usual thing is to occupy all of the squares and load a lot of luggage, on mountain roads we should think about the more powerful engine.

For its part, the finish Premium addresses those customers with a highest level of demand; from individuals with large families seeking a vehicle with the greatest comfort for all occupants, to companies that require it as a vehicle of representation. Its eight seats can be transformed into seven optional or nine if it is the long battle model.

With this finish, the equipment is increased with the Light and Vision package, together with the fog lamps with turning light and the system Tempomat, that provides greater comfort and safety in night driving. Here, the CD Radio system is the 6.33-inch Composition Media, the system Climatic It is of three zones, in addition to other details of luxury and decorative of high quality as the leather finish of the multifunction steering wheel.

On the outside, the finish Premium includes the heated electric rear-view mirrors and mounts alloy wheels of 16 or 17 inches depending on the engines. Here the 2.0 TDI mechanics are more powerful with 150 and 204 horses, both combinable with manual gearbox or DSG, as well as with the 4Motion traction.

For those who want more luxury and can afford it, there is the range Multivan, with a price from 32,567, with a configuration from five to seven seats. This range has four levels of finishing, Trendline, Outdoor, Premium and Highline. The degree of equipment in this case is much higher and it is possible to find the most suitable vehicle for each need.

For lovers of nature trips there is a model California, a vehicle oriented to the camping, that can be chosen in two levels of equipment, Beach of up to seven seats and Ocean up to eight.The driving of any of these models is very similar to that of a tourist and we should only bear in mind that we have a car of great length and more weight. At first, the driving position may miss something, but it must be said that the same position results more comfortable on long trips, as long as we accommodate all the distances allowed by the seat and steering adjustments.

Francisco del Brío, Newsmotor.

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