Almost half of the income in Spanish families is used to pay for housing

Many are the expenses that a family must face in their day to day life. Not only the usual expenses in each day such as the purchase of food, or punctual disbursements in the case of the acquisition of clothing and textbooks for the new course. The payment of home, whether in the form of rent or mortgage, also translates into a strong investment.

In fact almost half of the income in Spanish families is used to defray this departure. This is indicated by the study Market of housing in Spain 2018 conducted by Fintonic and where the fields where households spend more are analyzed.

Mortgage and rent

Spaniards spend an average of 40% of their income to defray the cost of their households. An investment that is repeated month by month and that changes if the family has opted for rent or a mortgage. In the first case the disbursement is about 719 euros on average while the mortgage is about 638.

The report reveals that age is a determining factor in the amount we reserve for this item. Those who are 35 years old or more are those who allocate a larger budget to the payment of the home: 928 euros to rent and 853 euros to the mortgage. In the case of those under 35, the cost is reduced to 634 euros that disburse for a house under lease and 453 euros for one property.

The more expensive rentals they are observed in Catalonia where each month an average of 1,088 euros is disbursed on average. In second and third place appear Madrid and the Basque Country with amounts of 958 euros and 949 euros respectively. Above the national average are also those who live for rent in La Rioja, Navarra and the Balearic Islands, who pay an average of 877 euros a month, 811 euros and 774 euros.

In the case of mortgages the homes for sale with the highest prices are located in Madrid, 923 euros per month, while in Catalonia it is 732 euros per month. The inhabitants of the Basque Country (710 euros), Galicia and (696 euros) Navarra (691 euros) close the top five of the communities where it is more expensive to have a home in property.

By contrast, Asturias is the cheapest area to buy a house, with an average amount of 508 euros per month. Behind, are Extremadura, Murcia and Valencia, with 548 euros, 570 euros and 574 euros, respectively.

Other family expenses

And in what other items do Spanish families leave more money? The Family Budget Survey prepared by the National Institute of Statistics, INE, the other plots are revealed where households invest their income:

- Invoices and fuels. Along with the payment of housing, this item is the highest among Spanish households with an average expenditure of 8,774 euros per year (including the payment of the home).

- Food and non-alcoholic beverages, starting at which they spent 4.108 euros, 14.1% of the family budget. Meat (3.1% of total expenditure), bread and cereals (2.0%), fish and seafood (1.7%) and milk, cheese and eggs (1.7%) were the most relevant consumptions in this section .

- Transport, with an average expenditure of 3,667 euros, 12.6% of the total. It highlights the importance of the expenses in fuels and lubricants (4.2% of the budget), automobiles (3.6%) and maintenance and repair of vehicles (2.1%).

Damián Montero

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