10 cheap breastfeeding pillows for moms

¡Pregnant! Along with the great and happy news come many concerns of different significance. From the care you need as a mother so that your child is born healthy, to the different preparations for the new being: his room, the clothes, the hospital basket ... and the products that, as a mother, it would be good to have. Among them, the breastfeeding pad.

The breastfeeding pad, like most products for babies and moms, has Pros and purchases when buying them. They are not excessively expensive, as we will see next when we do a review of some recommended products, but they are, after all, one more expense among the many that children carry.

Breastfeeding pad, yes or no?

When you are going to breastfeed your baby, it is essential that you are both comfortable. To this end, the breastfeeding cushion has been created, which aims to make it easier for the mother to find the best posture for breastfeed the little one

exist Lactation cushions of different shapes, the most frequent being those that have a half moon shape. They are usually quite large and can be used both during pregnancy, so that the woman feels comfortable in the bed or the sofa, and when the child has already been had.

This second use is the main one: the cushion allows us to put the baby on top and be able to breastfeed almost without holding it with the arms continuously, which has benefits for the mother, especially because prevents it from leaning forward (There is a risk of suffering back pain).

Although many families may think that it is an object of a very short life, the truth is that it can be used more time, because when the baby has grown it also helps us so that the little one is sitting in his hole, so that we can sit with him on the sofa in a more secure way.

Now, it is not an essential object: really There are many more "normal" cushions that can serve as this product and maybe they are cheaper. In addition, many experts recommend that the mother look for the most suitable position without a cushion and that it is once the baby is well hooked when adding them if necessary.

10 cheap nursing pads

As there are opinions for all tastes, those mothers who want to try this product can choose from a wide variety of prices and types. Here repasamos the best, based on the opinions of Amazon users.

Flexofill 2008-2-536 Midi

Nice cushion of 170x34 centimeters that includes a multicolored polka dot design cover. Worth less than 35 euros and is filled with fine microbeads of EPS Toxproof.


Cushion for less than 30 euros recommended also during pregnancy for its relaxing effect, for babies and also for adults.

Nou Futur

For 50 euros this comfortable and practical cushion is sold for both breastfeeding and rest. Includes a removable and washable cover.


With different prints is sold this cushion for about 40 euros. It is filled with an "adequate blend of exclusive fiber to prevent and relieve tensions in the elbow, back and wrist".


Silent filling 100% microbeads, measures 73x43x15 centimeters and is worth about 50 euros. It also includes a cotton and microfiber cover that can be removed and washed.


Manufactured with high quality materials and very soft cotton fabrics, this cushion serves both as a nursing pillow and as a maternal cushion. It's worth about 20 euros.

Cushion 10 in one

Something more expensive is this option, but because there really are 10 cushions in one. The most interesting thing is that it includes an additional insertion cushion that allows to transform the pillow into a comfortable nest for the baby. The price is around 70 euros.


190 cm cushion, with cover and retro style design. It's worth less than 60 euros.


Also retro style is this multicolored breastfeeding cushion made with 100% natural cotton. It's worth less than 40 euros.


Pregnancy cushion and multipurpose breast-feeding with a nice gray dotted pattern. Its price is 40 euros.

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