Family plans to know the future

A theme park designed for the whole family? Yes, it exists. Futuroscope is designed for all ages: children, parents and grandparents will be able to fully enjoy this unimaginable world designed to awaken the senses of the whole family. In Futuroscope, technology and science join futuristic design to live and share more than 22 unique and innovative experiences with which to explore the world from another perspective, which will surprise you.

Thrilling adventures, extreme sensations, live entertainment, sensory trips and a magic night show They complete the Futuroscope offer, the second theme park in Europe, located in France, 12 km from Poitiers, in the Poitou-Charentes region, just over an hour by train from Paris and an hour's drive from La Rochelle.

News at Futuroscope 2016

1. Ice Age: The Origin of Dinosaurs in 4D, sensational! Made in collaboration with 20th Century Fox, presents a totally chilling adventure that will live as if you were there: in the room, decorated like a frozen cave, you can enter the action, you will tremble with cold, you will be covered with skins, you will feel the polar wind in your face and vibrate when the dinosaurs come. In it, adults and children will move synchronized in plaforms, which allow to recreate with greater fidelity the illusion of time travel and share the adventures with the characters of the Ice Age Saga: Sid, Manny, Ellie, Diego and Scrat. Special effects and technology at the service of the fun of the whole family.

2. The Forgue aux Etoiles. New night show designed by the creators of Cirque du Soleil for the lake of Futuroscope images. This night show closes the park every night with a surprising synchronization of hundreds of unique visual, aquatic and pyrotechnic effects in Europe.

Three new IMAX films at Futuroscope 2016

To complete the annual renewal, Futuroscope also proposes two IMAX films, which revolutionize digital high-definition documentaries on giant screens and make learning a spectacle.

3. The World of the invisible, produced by National Geographic Studios, will allow us to perceive the world of the unknown: all the things that surround us but that are too small, too fast or too slow and that the human eye can not perceive.

4. L'explorium It will invite spectators to dive through the sea beds that are more inaccessible or more hostile to man. The film "The Secret Ocean in 3D" by Jean-Michel Cousteau will discover the tiniest marine organisms.

5. The law of the strongest.In April, Futuroscope premiered the first 4K laser film, becoming the first park in Europe with a 4K digital laser system on an IMAX 600 m2 screen. The documentary on the animal world "The law of the strongest" has been chosen as the best film in the category 4K by the China Science and Technology Museum.

A new futuristic exhibition at Futuroscope 2016

6. Futur l'Expo is an unprecedented exhibition of technological novelties that are already beginning to revolutionize our present and that bring the visitor closer to what will be the closest future. Here you will be surprised by 10 participatory play experiences. You will see everything that a virtual butler can do for us at home, how we have different types of makeup, hairstyles, as well as clothes and accessories on a virtual screen and also offer us the possibility of decorating our bedroom or living room every day in a way different thanks to the lighting with 3D image, to pilot an avatar robot and many other things.

The essentials of Futuroscope

Apart from the 2016 novelties, in Futuroscope, some classic attractions such as Arthur, the 4D adventure, designed by film director Luc Besson; The time Machine, inspired by the universe of rabbids, imaginary characters; Dance with the Robots, a robotic arm that will shake you to the rhythm of the music; iMagic, a sensational magic show; The mysteries of Kube, a technological show with an incredible rhythm and Arena Fun Xperiences, a space of 1,000 m2 that houses 9 different activities inspired by a fun version of the future.

And besides, it's worth highlighting:

- The Aerobar, that allows you to drink a drink 35 meters above the ground

- Out of sight, An incredible attraction for all the senses. It allows to explore in a total darkness different universes guided by a blind person. For this last experience an economic participation is requested since the benefits allow to buy specific materials for the blind association Les Yeux Grands Fermés.

Futuroscope and children

In Futuroscope they do not forget children.In fact, the theme park has a space of more than 2 hectares specially dedicated to the little ones called El Mundo de los Niños. For them they have an area of ​​more than two hectares with games dedicated exclusively to them. Climb into a fire engine and put out the fire, learn to drive, jump down a large zip line or shoot water at the lake boats are some of the attractions that will delight the little ones of the house.

Futuroscope in figures

With 200,000 more visitors in 2015, the Futuroscope Park (Poitiers, France) has added a total of 1,830,000 visitors during the 2015 season, a record figure since 2000. It is also the second French park in billing and 10% of their profits are reinvested each year to renew 20% of the attractions. In addition, the increase in visitors and the growth in spending per visitor has resulted in billing, which has increased by 13% in this last year, reaching 96 million euros, a figure that places Futuroscope as the second park of France.

Marisol Nuevo Espín


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