What to give a pregnant woman at Christmas


Gifts can become our biggest headache when Christmas approaches. Succeed with the taste of family and friends is not always easy and the thing is complicated in special situations such as pregnancy. What to give a pregnant woman at Christmas? Pregnant women have a series of specific needs and therefore appreciate being given practical gifts.

5 gifts for the pregnant at Christmas

Do you have any pregnant friends this Christmas? Is someone in your family waiting for a baby? Write down the ideas that we are going to give you and surprise your pregnant with the most useful and original gift.

1. A special massage: there are many spas or spas in Spain that have special programs for pregnant women. They are relaxing massages for which a lot of force is not applied. Neither essential oils are used and the jets of water and pressure are avoided. The baby rests quietly in his mother's belly and relaxes little by little. Type in Google "spas for pregnant women" and find the one that best suits the needs of your gift.

2. Lavender aroma: Although dermatologists and obstetricians recommend not using oils in pregnancy for reasons related to the safety of the fetus, there are aromas that we do not have to avoid and that can also help the pregnant woman to relax. One of them is the one that gives off the flowers of the lavender, which is sold bottled in herbalists, perfumeries and pharmacies. Whether we are expecting a baby or not, a few drops of lavender on the neck before sleeping or on the pillow itself can relax us and induce us to sleep in a matter of seconds.

3. A special pillow for pregnant women: One of the things that costs the pregnant woman the most is to sleep at ease. This is due, among other things, to that the volume of your gut prevents you from getting in bed as you would like and find the best sleeping position. If we give you a pillow designed for these cases, maybe we will do you a great favor. An idea where you can find it, in addition to large commercial areas, is on specialized pages like this one.

4. The letter of the stork of Paris: This idea offers you the possibility of buying a personalized letter that reaches the pregnant woman announcing the arrival of the baby from Paris. If the lucky one already has small children maybe this is the best idea because she will love sharing it with them and announcing the arrival of her new little brother.

5. Belt for pregnant women: The fifth gift that we propose is a safety belt for the pregnant woman who installs easily in the car. It is a more practical than relaxing gift, of course. But it is also a less concern. It is very uncomfortable to travel anywhere if the seatbelt of the car presses the belly of the future mother. But road safety is an important factor and we can not do without this accessory. Therefore, many brands have already released this wonderful invention.

If you want to give it away this Christmas, you can find it in the premamá area of ​​the main commercial brands. Remember that the safety belt, according to current regulations, is absolutely mandatory during pregnancy, so if you opt for this option and the mother does not have one yet, surely you will do her a great favor.

If these gifts do not convince you, you can always resort to premamá clothes or suits for the newborn. With which of these ideas do you stay? Can you think of any others? If you are pregnant, mention us on social networks and help us expand the list.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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