Five cheap baby bathtubs ideal for buying

The baby arrives and, suddenly, you realize the large amount of new objects that you will need at home: the cradle, the changing table, the stroller and, of course, the bathtub for the bath ritual. Do not you know which one to decide? We help you with these five perfect models and with a great value for money.

In this other article we already talked about what to take into account when it comes to find the best bathtub for your baby: both the basic characteristics and the types of bathtubs that there is, and in this other we have already highlighted some changing furniture-bathtub that, if you want to opt for them, you should not miss.

Now it's time to turn other bathtubs in general, designed to be in the bathroom in its various formulas: in furniture, to put on the bathtub or a flat surface or folding (which also serve to go on a trip or visiting the house of grandparents, for example). We have set ourselves in aThose models with the best comments on Amazon, and this is the result.

Cheap baby baths

Vital Baby

For only 13.50 euros you can buy this multifunctional bathtub with integrated drain and backrest plug that is compatible with all bathtub supports.

Folding bathtub Kiokids

For a slightly higher price, 43 euros, you will find this beautiful and comfortable bathtub with legs. The best: it is foldable, so you can store it wherever you want and take it on a trip.

Round Tub Tummy Tub

For the price of 22 euros, this original transparent colored round bathtub for children weighing up to 15 kilos (about nine months) is available. It is made of polypropylene and weighs only 640 grams.

Bathtub with foot by OKT Kids

This bathtub comes with 84 cm long support, which makes it much more comfortable for dads and tall moms, since it almost does not need to be bent at the time of bathing. Your price: 50 euros.

Mini-bar Tippitoes

For less than 25 euros you can get this baby minivan with integrated seat and foam rubber headrest. Designed for babies up to nine months. It is very light, weighs less than a kilo.

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