10 hiking trails to enjoy nature as a family

Among the best activities we can do as a family is the trekking. Walking in a natural environment has many advantages for health and mental balance, but also doing it with your family, with your children, is extremely enriching because

Choosing the hiking route is one of the most important choices, since they must be adapted to the physical level of the participants. All routes are marked with colors according to their degree of difficulty.

A day of hiking through these natural landscapes can be an excellent opportunity to connect with the environment. The educational excursions with children help them learn the importance of the environment, while enjoying a precious moment in family.

10 hiking trails to enjoy nature as a family

Here we propose you 10 of the most beautiful hiking trails that you can find in our country.

1. The Torcal de Antequera

This environment offers two accessible trails that even offer the possibility of entering with a baby cart. A beautiful walk through an area that until 200 million years ago was submerged under the sea of ​​Tethys, which has given the Torcal the characteristics of its landscape where there are even fossil remains of marine animals.

2. Route of the Tizná (Jérez del Marquesado- Granada)

About 10'5 km of route that crosses part of the natural park of Sierra Nevada. It goes through the route used in the past by the miners who worked in the Alquife mines and ends up in the Tizná recreational area where the little ones can enjoy the outdoor game.

3. Route of the Cañada del Pino (Murcia)

On the banks of the Mula River, northwest of Murcia is this five-kilometer route that can be enjoyed at all times of the year. Its proximity to the rural house of Pino means that you can also enjoy a weekend in the environment housed in this residence.

4. Vega Arrocera Trail (Calasparra- Murcia)

A route where the little ones can learn about the process of cultivating rice through a path where the landscape is characterized by terraces where this cereal is produced and culminates in the rice museum, where you can learn more about this product.

5. Pandecarmen (Picos de Europa- Covadonga)

15 kilometers to enjoy as a family in one of the most famous landscapes in Spain such as the Picos de Europa. It is not recommended to cover it during the winter, given the harsh weather conditions in this area. The path culminates in the Ordiales viewpoint where you can enjoy wonderful views of the Cantabrian Mountains.

6. Path of the Muíños de Riomaior (Vilaboa-Vigo)

Route that follows the banks of the river Maior that discovers visitors a total of 14 mills along its route. A nice walk without many slopes where you can enjoy the green so characteristic of Galicia.

7. Route along the Basque Coast (Getxo-Bilbao)

A route that moves away from the mountain to teach us more about the sea. It is recommended for families with children over 10 years since it is a little hard for the little ones. If we choose to do it together with a guide, this will tell us point by point the geological wonders that characterize this landscape.

8. Route of Mantixbio (Alava)

Route that runs through the natural park of Izki, five kilometers that runs between the municipalities of Arraia and Maetzu. Its signage and short route make this option one of the best if you opt for hiking in the Basque Country.

9. Arenas Negras Route (Tenerife)

Clear path that could hardly be missed that runs along the Teide Natural Park. Enjoy some of the views that only the Canary Islands can offer: The volcanic landscape, an impressive view that makes it worthwhile to decide on this route, especially if you never visited this archipelago.

10. Tenteniguada Route - Caldera de Los Marteles (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

The landscape of the Caldera de los Marteles, originated after a volcanic eruption in contact with groundwater is a logical enough reason to carry out this route. It is recommended to go well equipped with water since hydration will be important given the duration of this route.

Damián Montero


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