Children feel insignificant when their parents are with their mobile

The teenagers confessed: they use the new technologies too much. But what about the parents? Many times young people are criticized for their constant use of the mobile phone, and it is said that they are hooked on technologies ... however, this news is shared by parents on Facebook or Twitter through their mobile phone. Is something wrong? It's possible: Children also feel that they are not worth anything when they see their parents with their mobile phones.

Because it's true, parents also use new technologies, and sometimes in excess ... and this has consequences for our children. Specifically, one in three children they feel insignificant when their parents use the mobile phone during meals, conversations, watching television or taking a walk, according to a study has just revealed.

The 'Smartphones' and the family

This study has been prepared by AVG Technologies through a survey of more than 6,000 children between eight and 13 years old from Brazil, Australia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States, and has revealed that 32 percent of children feel insignificant when their parents are distracted by mobile phones.

Children, according to this survey, they feel that they have to compete against these new technologies to achieve the attention of their parents, an observation that, in fact, coincides with that observed by the parents themselves.

According to the study, the children are quite critical with their parents' use of these devices, and more than half (54 percent) believes that their parents abuse new technologies and they spend too much time on the mobile phone.

This highlights the important changes that these new technologies are exerting on families, especially as regards communication between parents and children. According to the authors of the report, 52 percent of the parents agreed with what their children had said, so They were worried about the kind of example they were being given.

The example of parents to children

For this reason, the need for set good habits at home from the beginning, since children have always taken the example of their parents and, if they see that we are there all day distracted with the mobile phone, they will do the same and they will miss a lot of life, especially family communication.

In this regard, 25 percent of parents commented that I would like your children to use the mobile phone less, something that could be achieved by giving clear example with our behavior on a day-to-day basis: We can not do what we do not want our children to do.

We parents need to be aware that we also use our mobile phone excessively, especially with applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. Although it is true that in many occasions the use we make of these devices is educational or necessary, it is no less true that we must turn them off more and focus on our children to enjoy more of family life.

Nomophobia, the fear of being without a mobile phone

Make the decision often of leave the phone aside and to take care of our children and, in short, to live life through our eyes and not from a screen will be tremendously positive for our family and our health. This can help us learn to be without the mobile phone, so we would reduce the chances of suffering 'nomofibia', the fear of being without a mobile phone.

Already in 2012 a study said that half of the Spaniards suffered from this ailment, characterized by the Irrational fear to leave home without the mobile phone. It is not a minor issue: according to data from the Center for Specialized Studies in Anxiety Disorders (Ceeta), Spaniards consult the mobile an average of 34 times a day, a use that seems excessive and can lead to this addiction.

To avoid it, nothing better than to control yourself: we must learn to get rid of the mobile, beginning to do it gradually to face the sensations that appear when we are not with him (like thinking that we will receive an urgent call that, in reality, will never arrive).

This call of attention of the children about the need to pay more attention to them and less to the mobile is the perfect excuse for get away from this device that, while it is very useful and comfortable, should not condition our lives.

Angela R. Bonachera

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