Video: this is how parents express their emotions while their children tell what they think about them

Almost always when talking about having children the protagonists are the babies themselves and their mothers. It is true that a woman has a being in her womb for nine months, but not for that parents are insensitive to their children. This moving video is a good sample of how parents feel and how they think they educate their children ... and what the little ones think about them.

Parents also get excited: video from El Hormiguero

The video is simply exciting. It has been developed by the 'El Hormiguero' program of Antena3 and demonstrates very clearlyHow parents, although they often express less their feelings, also feel, love their children and they are unsure about the education they are trying to give them: always the best, but it could always be improved.

To prove it, he has asked eight children who draw your parents as they see them while, at the same time, parents tell what they feel when they are parents. "For me being a father is something very big", says one of them "If it's not a father, it can not be explained." "It's the most precious thing I have." This is how the emotional words of these parents come about how they feel about their children.

There is also time for self-criticism, those times when these parents get nervous or angry, which makes them want to improve: "I would like to be more tolerant", says one of these parents. "Sometimes it makes me very hard but it's simply because I want them to be the best of the best," adds another.

The desire, of course, is for the children to be happy, but it is not easy to get it. Another of these parents talks about that sometimes he himself needs "Be a little more patient" and not get angry "so fast". Little by little, these parents are getting along, explaining some of their many fears: "I come from work at six in the morning, and he comes and needs a hug ... at that moment I say 'Ivan, dad needs to sleep' ... but still there to get up and just a hug ... "reflects one of them as he gets excited.

Another, whose daughter is adopted, confesses his greatest fear: "lose her, especially when she grows up. "" What I would be afraid of is not being able to be a good father to her"He mentions another ... and so on, being a good father figure is his main objective, but what exactly is that?

What your children think of their parents

That's when the best moment of the video arrives, a few minutes that are unmissable: children tell the camera what the drawings they have done represent, and what they think of their parents, thrilling their parents and all who see the video.

"My father is like a super hero." "I like that my parents are happy, that they give each other kisses, that they do not fight". "My father is very strong and very handsome". "My dad is crazy like a goat, he always plays with me and makes me clown." And so on all occasions: not a sadness, not a word of criticism. These little ones really are proud of their parents, They love them and thank them for everything they do for them.

The phrases that continue to excite for their simplicity and truth, because they show what is really important for the children: that their parents are with them. "Dad always defends me and protects me a lot." "He helps me with all the things of the house". "He is very affectionate, he gives me many kisses". "It's very important to me that my dad laughs and is very happy." "I know I would never leave, it's the most important thing that has ever happened to me." "I love him very much, he's the best."

In essence, as the video concludes, it is that what your children see in you "they do not see it in anyone else". This shows us the important figure we are for our children, how relevant it is to give them an example ... but that we are human and we are wrong, and that the main thing is that love and love are in our home every day. "Never forget that for your children you are the center of their little world, talk, feel, kiss, love, embrace every day".

Never forget that for your children you are the center of their little world. Talk, feel, kiss, love, embrace EVERY DAY

Posted by El Hormiguero on Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Angela R. Bonachera

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