Week 26. Pregnancy week by week

About to finish seven and a half months your pregnancy week by week, the most normal thing is to want to see the face of your future child. The 26th week of pregnancy is perfect to be able to do a 3D / 4D ultrasound since it almost has the look it will have at birth. You can observe their gestures, smiles and yawns. You will get the first picture of your baby.

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Physical and psychological changes of pregnant women

We are in the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy. At the end of this week you will be seven and a half months pregnant. You will continue to notice the above symptoms and some new changes.

1. Among the new changes, the mammary areola becomes darker and increases in size. The Morgagni glands appear. These glands create a substance that lubricates your chest in order to protect it during breastfeeding. We must mention that this symptom can also appear before or after a while, there is no need to worry.

2. Among the above symptoms, keep in mind that your feet and legs can swell due to the pressure exerted by the uterus on the veins, preventing its correct circulation.

3. Your skin will continue to stretch, so you should prevent stretch marks hydrating it a lot and taking vitamins A, C and E.

4. Remember that you can have "Braxton-Hicks" contractions occasionally, but you should not worry, your uterus tenses and relaxes.

5. You will continue to need to urinate every so often. Remember that at night it is better to drink little water to avoid nocturnal sleeplessness.

The development of the baby during week 26

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After twenty-four weeks of pregnancy and twenty-six weeks of pregnancy, your baby has been forming and may already have his chosen name. It will continue to grow and develop until the day of its birth.

1. It already measures around 23 centimeters and weighs more or less 900 grams.

2. It already responds to many stimuli with reflex acts, so it is normal for you to notice impulsive movements.

3. Also, as has short sleep and wakefulness cycles, there will be times when you notice it much more active than in others.

4. Little by little he has the ability to make breathing movements. Although it does not breathe inside the uterus, the baby is also preparing for delivery.

The health of the pregnant woman at week 26 of pregnancy

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Around the twenty-sixth week of gestation they will give you the result of the O'Sullivan test. The normal thing is to have done it already, but you are still on time. In the event that it is altered, you will have another test to corroborate it. If you have high glucose, from now on you must take a comprehensive diet as well as a control of pregnancy and pregnancy.

We must remember certain recommendations that will favor your health in the two and a half months that await you:

1. Perform physical exercise. Swimming, yoga, gymnastics for pregnant women, even walking. A light activity that helps you support the extra kilos and give you flexibility.

2. You can have sex without affecting your baby. The baby is protected and does not harm him at any time. In this way you share intimate moments with your partner that strengthen you and also strengthen the perineal muscles, which you will need to develop facing the birth.

Control of pregnancy in week 26 of pregnancy

In the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, the most normal thing is that you have already done the O'Sullivan test and have the results. In the event that you had not done so, you are still on time until week twenty-eight. This test measures glucose levels. If after carrying out this test, you see an alteration of glucose, the next step is to make another oral glucose overload test.

This week is the best time to perform a 3D / 4D ultrasound. Although this ultrasound does not provide any relevant information about the state of the baby, it makes parents very excited to see their future child more realistically.

Pregnancy calendar week by week

Click on each petal or circle to see the content of your week or trimester of pregnancy respectively.

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