Traditional games to have fun with children and keep fit

Playing with our children can be, in addition to a rewarding and fun time, the perfect excuse to stay in shape almost without noticing it. Many traditional games they require jumps, runs or squats that turn out to be a exercise great and that also save us going to the gym or that feeling of laziness that can give think about sports.

There are even personal trainers who already opt for this kind of exercise that, instead of appearing to be a complicated sport that requires a lot of effort, turns into games for children. The goal is to have fun and enjoy the activity that is done, and what better than playing with children while you keep fit.

Traditional games to play with your children

The Rayuela

The popular game only requires a smooth surface and a chalk to be played. To jump to the lame leg, to stop, to bend over to the stone, to get up and to return to the base without losing balance is a super exercise for young and old, because while playing at hopscotch agility, coordination and physical power are improved.

Chase games

The pilla-pilla, the hiding place, cops and thieves, the English hiding place... there are many options to play persecutions with our children, nephews and friends. These games, which surely more than one have left us exhausted after a short time, are favorites of children and, in addition, help us improve our physical condition since they force us to be moving and running continuously.

The camber

Jump rope or rope can be done individually or in a group, and there are many songs to encourage the game, so it is also one of the great options to spend time with our children and exercise at the same time. This game makes us move all the muscles of our body and helps us improve coordination and to increase cardiovascular resistance.

The Hula Hoop

A few years ago it became fashionable spin a hoop with your hips and waist. Thought for older children (about 10 years old), the truth is that we get it back to practice it with our children. You can do competitions to see who holds more or devise different ways of spinning (for example, with the feet and jumping at the same time).

According to several experts of the sport, hula hoop it helps us lose body fat and improve coordination. In addition, with this exercise we are also toning the muscles and reducing stress, to which you can add the laughter of the beginning when trying to keep the ring "in place" for more than three seconds, who gives more?

Tug of war

Thought for somewhat numerous groups, the game consists in dividing us into two groups and, each one at the other end, trying to make the opponent fall. The game, that makes children have fun by seeing which group is stronger, requires exercise of the arms to pull, but also the legs to hold. In this way, while we have fun, we are improving our strength and endurance.

Angela R. Bonachera

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