Where do children come from

Children are curious by nature and it is inevitable that, sooner or later, They throw us that question so feared by many parents. It is best to answer their questions with great affection and tell them the truth in a way that is proportionate to their capacity for understanding. Resorting to storks and acquisitions in Paris may be inappropriate because it leads to confusion and more doubt.

The first thing we have to take into account is do not tell him fables because, after all, that is falling into a lie. So, what are the best words to talk to the child? Especially our, the way of speaking with which we are accustomed to speak to our son.

Use language appropriate for your age

It is good to use terms that come from nature and convey at the same time the mystery of love between two people and how the son is born from that union. We must avoid too technical words for children, as an ovum or sperm, but it is advisable to use others as seed: "Dad puts a little seed in mom and from there, the baby starts to grow". Children can also ask about the baby's condition: "How is it in there? Are you comfortable?". Here again we have to take hold of the imagination and tell our son that the baby is in a special "cunita" for him, warm, very comfortable and protected by his mother.

The Trust is imperative so that the little ones know that their parents are willing to answer their doubts, but they will look for the answers outside. This trust allows us to correct the child before facts that can provide a distorted view of human sexuality.

Tips to explain where children come from

- The origin of a human life is not a shameful subject nor that we have to dodge before the questions of our young son, therefore, it is advisable that you show yourself natural and willing to solve your doubts.

- Do not answer with a "just because" or lose patience if the questions are continuous. Understand that it is normal for children to be curious about something so everyday.

- You have to get ahead, tell them from very young that children come from their mother and, above all, so that others do not advance and receive information from people outside the family.

- Education in the sexuality of children entails education in love, so you should not leave it to chance or exclusively in the hands of the school.

- To all the explanations that you give to your son, you must not forget to tell them that love is present in everything. You have to be aware of the love that exists between parents and thanks to this, the children come to the world.

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