The return to work during the breastfeeding of your child

Many mothers soon return to work when they are still breastfeeding their child. This may seem like a problem but there are many techniques by which work and breastfeeding can be combined without one or the other supposing an impediment.

Yes, we must bear in mind that the stress of work can affect the production of milk, so it is important that when you arrive at home, relegate someone family work so you can rest.

As usual, mothers do not usually stop breastfeeding when they return to work, unless there are exceptional circumstances in which the mother has to travel to a place far from the house and for prolonged periods.

To work while breastfeeding your child It is very important to be informed of how to do it, to be confident that you can organize your time and have the support of your family, since it is the absence of these aspects that often leads mothers to interrupt the period of breastfeeding.

Frequent problems of breastfeeding and work

When the time comes for reincorporate labor, mothers have the following problems:

1. Who the child stays with. Babies need special care, therefore, in the absence of the mother, it is best to stay with the father, grandparents or a trusted babysitter. Nurseries should be avoided before the year.

2. The age of the child. It is advisable that babies drink breast milk until 6 months, and that they continue breastfeeding until 2 years old, combining it with another complementary food, although everything depends on the mother and the child. In case the mother has to reincorporate before 6 months, it will be possible to look for techniques such as extracted milk.

3. Place and hours of work. Legally, until the baby is 9 months old, the mothers have a time during the workday of between one hour and two and a half hours to breastfeed their child, with a lactation salary, although everything will also depend on the type of working day have and the distance from home. If you are close to the baby and the day is starting it will be much easier, but even so, as breastfeeding does not have a fixed schedule It can adapt to the work schedule.

Frequent doubts of breastfeeding during work

- Amount of milk. It is advisable to have milk drawn for when the mother is at work, in addition to direct breastfeeding when the mother returns home. When the mother goes to work, she will calculate for example that the baby will have until she returns three shots of between 50 and 100 cc of milk. Depending on the work schedule that the mother has, more or less the milk intake will be taken.

- Fresh or frozen milk. It is always better than extracted milk be cool for the taking of the child, so it will have to be consumed in the day. In the event that this is not the case, it can always be frozen because the breast milk should not spend more than 48 hours in the refrigerator.

- You can mix extracted milk of different extractions without problem, to complete a shot, although it is advisable to spend first the old one.

- Advance complementary foods. In case the mother can not or does not want to nurse her child or express milk, she can choose to advance complementary foods depending on the age of the baby, although it must be when she is more than 4 months old. Usually will resort to the porridges rather than cow's milk, because they usually give less allergy problems. For children with less than 4 months, you can resort to formula milk.

Ana Vázquez Recio

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