Flu vaccine in pregnancy, is it safe?

Pregnancy care is very important since not only is the mother protected. The welfare of the child that grows in the womb of the woman depends on the good state of the pregnant woman. Prevent the different diseases that can alter the baby it is, therefore, an indispensable requirement throughout this process.

By all it is well known that the vaccine It is one of the most common prevention methods for everyone. However, is it a safe process for the mother? Is there a contradiction for pregnant women who want to keep away this condition so typical of these times? From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers the following tips.

Safety for the mother and for the baby

No, there is no problem for the mother or the baby when receiving the vaccine against the flu. The pregnant woman can receive the injectable against this virus at any time, during all the trimesters of this process. It has not been proven that these processes cause any harm to them or to babies.

If the delivery is going to occur before receiving the injectable vaccine against fluStill, you should get vaccinated. This virus spreads from person to person and the caregivers of the children can contract it and infect it to the little ones. Since children under 6 months of age do not have the age to receive this prevention, it is very important that everyone around them go to the doctor for this purpose.

Another indication of the safety of the influenza vaccine is the lack of side effects and the lightness of them. Pain, sensitivity, redness and / or swelling in the place where the vaccine is administered. In certain cases you may suffer headaches, muscle aches, fever and nausea, or feeling tired are some of the results.

When to be alarmed

These experts also clarify that there are some situations where it is recommended that the mother go to the doctor. If one or several of these symptoms occur, it is imperative to go to the specialist who is guiding the mother during pregnancy:

- Fever

- Cough

- Sore throat

- Headache

- Corporal pains

- Nasal mucus or blocked nose

- Vomiting

- Diarrhea

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