How to spend quality time with the children in the return to school

Back to school, return to responsibilities and less time to enjoy as a family. The day at the school, homework, field trips, extracurricular activities, etc. All these obligations mean that family members can not devote as much time as they would like to activities in common, something that in principle can affect the bond between parents and children.

However, you just have to start the imagination and find some activity that ensures quality time with the children. The catalog is very broad and there are as many options as families may have. On this occasion we propose some of them so that you and yours can enjoy quality time without returning to school is an excuse.

Take advantage of extracurricular activities

A good opportunity that families can take advantage of to spend quality time they are the extracurricular activities. For example, sports can be a good opportunity for parents and children to have time to spend together and take advantage of the benefits offered by these activities. Swimming, bike rides or getting appropriate equipment to take walks.

Another option may be to learn some activity jointly. A language course, basic programming, join a reading club (or even create it with other parents). A very attractive choice is to promote the culture of children through visits to museums, theater sessions, etc.

Those parents who want to develop the creativity of their children Through the extracurricular activities, and doing it together, they have a catalog that ranges from painting classes to writing workshops. It must be remembered that these practices must be a balance between fun and the acquisition of new skills since otherwise it could cause rejection.

Time at home

Apart from extracurricular activities, there are many other options that can be developed at home, making it possible for the bond between parents and children to narrow even more. Crafts are a good option. From a photo frame where framing snapshots of the whole family, to pens that help to store school supplies.

Also at home, families can take advantage of the kitchen to spend quality time. There is a large number of dishes that can be made together. An option that will also teach the little ones the importance of effort and the satisfaction of being able to create something for themselves. Another value that is conveyed in these activities is that of collaboration, since taking a plate forward is a practice in which everyone collaborates.

Finally, simple but effective, is the game. An activity in which to let the imagination fly, to have fun and, of course, to strengthen ties between the members of the family. Another benefit of this option is that there is no established schedule and in any gap, however small, you can opt for this choice.

Damián Montero

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