Extracurricular activities, how to find the balance between fun and learning

A new school year begins With this return the children not only return to the classroom, they also resume the activities extracurricular. Practices more or less ludic but with a goal: to enhance a skill of the smallest. Sometimes finding the balance between learning and fun is complicated and in the end you end up seeing these occupations as an obligation that causes the rejection of the little ones.

There are many aspects that must be taken into account when choosing an activity extracurricular. Not only from the type of practice that is chosen for the youngest, but the schedule that remains for the rest of the day, the contribution that this occupation has for the child and the amount of free time it has to develop through the game .

Organization of extracurricular activities

An extracurricular activity is one more practice that is added to those that the child already has, such as homework and classes in the morning. In this sense, knowing how to organize the schedule of the smallest is very important so that there can be room for everything. These are the keys that parents must have, according to the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP:

- That children have time to play, and that the supervision of the caregivers does not become a continuous planning of their time.

- That the activities are oriented to move, interact with other children, learn and not achieve results and compete. The goal of the extracurricular is to report some benefit to the child's curriculum.

- That are appropriate for the age, that the child wants to go, and that do not put an overload on your school agenda.

- When they get home, they have time to rest. So much time occupied can end up overloading the little ones, a rest and disconnection schedule will also benefit the children.

How to get the extracurricular

As it has been said, the extracurricular should serve to enhance some ability or skill in the little ones. This is the Catalogue that exists and that can help when choosing, correctly, the occupation of children:

- Creative extracurricular. From a ceramic vase, to painting a painting. These activities encourage their creativity and promote their learning, strengthen their self-esteem and put special care and dedication in their daily tasks. A good idea for those who seek an intellectual development.

- Sports extracurricular. Not only do they ensure the practice of a physical activity, they also promote values ​​such as companionship and the spirit of overcoming.

- Intellectual extracurricular. It helps the child's learning through new knowledge and the development of the mind, while giving them the learning of an intellectual skill. Mastery of new languages, the practice of chess or the promotion of computer science.

Damián Montero

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