Tips for taking children in a safe car to school

Get up early and start with breakfasts, backpacks and hurry to get to school and work on time is part of the routine of any family. For many parents, their day to day is to get into the traffic jam every morning to leave the children at school and, sometimes, we do not go out with enough time, nor park the car well or secure the children well in their approved chair .

These carelessness due to haste and neglect can cause unwanted traffic accidents and your children may be involved. For this reason, following a series of basic recommendations, which are simple but fundamental, is essential to prevent accidents and we must not forget them or ignore them any day.

Safety tips to take children to school

1. How to be punctual without hurry. The key to arriving on time without hurry is to leave with time. This means getting up at least 10 minutes earlier than usual to avoid stress and haste. Keep in mind, that in the middle of the rush hour, leaving 3 minutes later than the hour, it can mean to be 20 minutes more in the traffic jam. To calculate well the time that we use of house to the school in full rush hour is fundamental to arrive at time every day.

2. Park well. Trying to leave the car in the door badly or as close to the entrance in double row, especially on rainy days to avoid getting wet at the entrance of the school is a habitual habit that causes a logical traffic chaos in the street of the school, discussions between drivers and is a cause of accidents by collision between vehicles and run over. Marcel Blanes, head of institutional marketing at, explains that "the double-sided stop in the streets near the schools is a picture that is repeated regularly." This, in addition to generating even more chaos in traffic, can lead to slight accidents due to collision between vehicles, and a multitude of discussions between drivers ".

3. Children must go down the sidewalk. To avoid collisions, the exit of the vehicle must always be made on the side of the sidewalk. If possible, park in an area enabled for it.

4. Approved security systems. Despite the lack of time, wasting time in placing the belts and harnesses on the children in the car, is to win it in life in case of collision or accident. As reported by the DGT, 22% of deaths in traffic accidents are not using a restraint system. It is vitally important that all occupants of the vehicles wear the appropriate safety systems and children must use approved chairs adapted to their age. Minors who do not reach the 1.36 m height must carry chairs or elevators and of course, always be fastened with a seat belt. In child restraint systems it is vital that the anchors are correct and that the harnesses and belt are not twisted or loose or bent. Finally, if possible, children up to 4 years old should travel in the opposite direction of walking.

5. The trunk is for backpacks. Before entering the vehicle, as a rule, children should place their backpacks and other objects that should be carried to school in the trunk. These moving objects inside the car become lethal projectiles in the event of an accident or collision and also represent an element of distraction.

6. Calm and patience. Although it seems impossible to maintain a calm attitude every day, the firm purpose of having patience will save you from living many stressful situations. And is that according to a study of the RACE, the stress behind the wheel increases by 28% the risk of suffering a traffic accident.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice: Marcel Blanes, responsible for institutional Marketing of

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