17% of children, too busy to play

What doubt is there of the importance of game in the development and welfare of every child. From imagining being a brilliant doctor, to riding a bicycle or a game of football. However, not all children have the same facilities to enjoy these moments. Among the reasons that give rise to these situations, the lack of time and the excess of occupations appear as two of the most repeated explanations.

In fact, according to the Lego Play Well report, at least 17% of children claim to be "too busy" to enjoy the game. A call for families to be able to free their children of unnecessary tasks or for these important activities for the children to become more important.

The game is happiness

A total of 3.723 between 5 and 12 years old and 9,249 parents participated in the preparation of this report where they wanted to know how much time the households spend in the game and how it develops. The first result that draws attention is that 30% of families say they do not spend more than five hours per week on these activities.

It is also surprising that the 38% of the families recognize having problems to organize their schedules and to be able to dedicate the time that the game in the home deserves. Among the problems that give rise to these situations work schedules and other occupations of parents. For this reason, 81% of the children who participated in this survey recognize that they would like their parents to dedicate more time to these activities

A problem that results in the unhappiness of many children. 88% of the families that recognized dedicating more than five hours a day to the game affirmed themselves as happy. However, the percentage drops to 75% when the time allocated to these activities falls below those mentioned.

How to play with children

Is it important to play with the children? The answer is yes, and this is recognized by 95% of the parents surveyed in this work who. In addition, 82% of them indicate that children who participate in these activities will have more opportunities to be happy in their future. Therefore, it is essential to know how to get the most out of these moments. Here are some tips for this purpose:

- Involve. Parents should not be mere spectators of their children's games, they should also be involved in these activities.

- Use the imagination. One of the virtues of the game is that it is able to bring out the best in the imagination of the little ones. Parents should take advantage of this factor and make their children empower these capacities.

- Take advantage of every second. The pace of life that families lead is very hectic. But it is important to take some time to dedicate to the game with the little ones of the house. Any occasion is good.

Damián Montero


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