How to entertain children in the car during a long trip

Plane, boat, train. These are just some of the means of transportation that families can use to reach their destination. Of course, in this catalog you can not miss the car. During the summer the roads of all the country take of vehicles to be able to enjoy deserved vacations.

There are journeys of all kinds, from those that last barely half an hour and result in a getaway to a nearby place, to trips of several hours. In this last case boredom can appear inside the car, to avoid this situation nothing better than having in mind some activities so that while the driver is concentrated on the road, the companion distracts the children.

Games in the car

Mapfre offers several tips for parents who want to ensure fun during trips with their children:

- Count cars. How many cars of a single color can children recognize? A challenge that will make your senses locate in vehicles of these characteristics.

- Read license plates. An activity that will also help the little ones to master the alphabet. Reading license plates and recognizing letters is not the end of this activity; are children able to form words with them?

- Suitcase. "A grandmother went on vacation and put in the suitcase *". Each participant will add one element and the next one has to try to remember everything that goes in the suitcase.

- Riddles. A classic when it comes to distracting children. A small chant with a mystery to solve, who will be the first to answer this question?

- Chained words. Another game that has been going on for many years and that does not look like it is going to stop practicing. One word, the challenge of the next person is to think another one that begins with the same letter or syllable. Who will be the first to be left with nothing to say?

- I see I see. The classics follow in this list. The road presents a multitude of elements, the participants must observe them well and choose one that although at first glance, may have gone unnoticed.

- Who I am? Each participant must have a character in mind, the other person will try to guess with these clues.

Damián Montero

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