Parasites in summer, how to avoid their bites

Although all year round parasites they have a high presence, from spring and summer these small beings increase their incidence. Parks, natural areas and other locations with vegetation are transformed into environments susceptible to infection and the consequent infections.

As always, the best treatment is prevention. Extreme precautions with this theme will keep away from the body of small ticks, fleas and other parasites. From the Center for Control and Prevention The following tips are offered for this station in which so much time is spent outside and where there are several risks to be taken into account.

Before leaving

Thinking of a day away from home? Field, a rural area, or just a walk in the park? Do not forget about the following elements:

- Use repellents on the skin. Parents should give this product to their children avoiding their hands, eyes and mouth.

- Know where there may be ticks or other parasites. Ticks live in areas covered with grass, shrubs or many trees, or even animals. If you plan to camp or trek through wooded areas, extreme caution should be exercised. The animals should be checked often.

- Dress long garments that cover most of the body and light colors, so it will be easier to recognize parasites such as ticks.

- Make sure that the shoes are well closed and the sock over the pants.

- In homes with gardens and outdoor areas it is always better to keep the grass hydrated as dry areas are a focus of parasite attraction.

- Use pesticides in landscaped areas to avoid the presence of these beings in the home.

When you get home

Even if all of these have been taken prevention measures, you have to take other measures into account when you get home:

- Check the clothes to see if there are ticks or other parasites. These beings can arrive in pants or socks, the garments should be sent to the dryer at a high temperature for 10 minutes

- When you get home you do not have to postpone the shower for long. Bathing in the immediate two hours after having been outdoors reduces your risk of being bitten by unattached ticks and is a good time to check that you do not have any.

Damián Montero

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