More than 1,000 villages in Spain do not register births since 2012

Spain is facing a demographic winter that is being felt in rural areas. The migration to the cities and the small number of births cause that some territories of the country face an aging of the population to the point that there are hardly any children in its streets. In fact, many of them have not registered any conception for years.

As shown by the data of the National Institute of Statistics, INESince 2012, more than 1,000 villages in Spain have not registered any births. A situation that will do nothing but make the population of these territories grow older by not even having a population of less than 11 years old.

Aging of the population

According to the INE data in Spain there is a total of 1,027 municipalities in which no new birth has been registered since 2012. A process that is causing the aging of the population, shows that 633 villages in this country do not have children under 11 years.
Another 420 municipalities in Spain have no census under 15 years old in its pattern. But the aging of the population is not only noticeable in these territories, also affected by migration, at the national level the rate of people over 65 is already at 19.1%.

Among the oldest territories in Spain, Castilla y León it is presented as the community with the largest number of retirees. In fact, the negative population balance in this territory is negative after registering a number of deaths higher than births in 11,761 points.

In this way, the percentage of children in this community only occupies a 12,07% compared to 24.76% of people over 65 years of age. This makes Castilla y León the autonomous community of Spain with the highest rate of retirees in the entire country.

How to reverse the situation

The solution to the aging of the population is to grow the number of births. For this, a change in the current context that allows birth rates to grow:

- Take into account the family when doing politics. The public authorities must take into account that the concept of family is the basis for the future of a country. Without these nuclei, generational relief is not even guaranteed.

- Betting on youth employment policies. One of the biggest problems that young people face when forming a family is the job instability that prevents thinking in the long term.

- Improve the conditions of the conciliation. With both parents at work, it becomes difficult to take care of a child, so you have to bet on the conciliation policies.

- Promote the rights of the family and protect this nucleus to ensure its long-term future.

Damián Montero

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