Keys to a family outing

There is much to do on vacation, from recharging batteries, to a visit to the grandparents, without forgetting some typical activities of times marked as the steps of Holy Week or Christmas Nativity routes. Other options, on the other hand, can be enjoyed on any occasion such as excursions as a family, small trips to destinations of the most diverse.

Whether it's just around the corner, a nearby town or just a route through the countryside you have to take into account a number of factors. Decide to make a excursion It means planning to achieve maximum fun. In this way not only will major problems be avoided, but before any setback it will be possible to respond with maximum speed.

Before the excursion

The first basic step before the tour is to think, what is the destination? For this, nothing better than a family meeting where everything is decided in a agreed upon. Among the aspects that should be taken into account: the time available, the characteristics of the home (for example if there is a baby or a younger child that prevents long walks), and of course the tastes of each member .

Once you know where you are going to go, start the planning. If you go to the snow, do not miss sun creams, warm clothes and raincoat, sunglasses, hats, gloves, etc. If you choose a route in a nearby location, comfortable clothes and footwear to cover the urban routes that will be made. It is also worth deciding if you are going to eat in a restaurant, for which it is always advisable to inquire about the offer of the same, or if you choose to bring snacks (in this case you will have to prepare them).

In the planning phase, it is also worth saving some basic provisions: water, cookies in case the appetite appears and some pieces of fruit will help a lot. Especially if the trip to the place of the excursion is long. Whether by car or other means of transport, this kit will not have to worry about thirst or sudden hunger among passengers, or of course if they appear once they arrive at the destination.

Rules and agreements

Before starting the tour, both at home and upon arrival, you must leave clear rules. The most important is that children should not separate if it is not with the company of one of their parents. Children must understand that they are in a place they do not know and that if they get lost, it will be difficult to find them. In this way, if one of them wants to go to the toilet, it is always better to notify and ask one of the parents to go to the toilet.

It is also necessary to leave civic norms prepared in advance. Do not throw garbage, do not disturb other people with whom space is shared, and do not alter the landscape either by breaking branches in the trees or by altering the façade of a building in the urban destination to which it has gone. At the same time we must remember that the reason for the excursion is to spend time with the family, so the use of mobiles and other screens such as portable consoles will be prohibited unless you are going to answer an important call or take a picture to remember.

In relation to mobile phones, it is important that parents make sure that they have the batteries charged so that in case of having to make an emergency call, the phone is operational. It is also not a bad idea to use a car charger or one of those portable reserves to be more secure in this regard.

Damián Montero

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