Different schools for different times

It's undeniable. This generation of parents meditate everything concerning our children much more than our predecessors. We chew your diet, whether or not you eat foods with gluten. We reflect on their extracurricular activities, if we allow them to content themselves with playing football or we aim for robotics so that they can go towards an engineering career.

It is understandable, therefore, that the choice of the center in which our children will be formed is developed as an exhaustive investigation in which we have little to pass the cotton on the tables of the classroom. And yes, we may ask the schools a lot: whether they are bilingual or trilingual, that they offer a wide range of complementary activities, that form them based on a series of values ​​similar to those they receive at home ... Luckily, schools are aware of our parental needs and are ahead of our expectations.

Beyond fractions

In centers like Arenales, they seek to provide each student with what they need most, to personalize education is the new challenge. The added value of a school is precisely that it is possible to treat each one individually, as far as possible. For this reason, initiatives such as its Equality Plan and its Code of Good Practices stand out in its proposal as a center. The first document is carried out throughout the network of schools and is aimed at promoting equality through the recognition of this and the overcoming of stereotypes and prejudices.

Mozart in a desk

Last September, the second year of the musical pedagogical project of the John Paul II colleges, designed to improve the abilities of students in all areas of the person: the artistic facet, but "also the psychic, the intellectual and the spiritual, helping our students to approach the Truth through beauty", explains José María Carrera, Director of the Juan Pablo II Music Studies Center.

This project introduces students to the study of music in three complementary levels depending on the situation and characteristics of each center and the decision of each family, all without having to leave school and during school hours. This innovative offer makes them pioneers when it comes to openly betting on quality artistic and musical education within the Spanish educational scene.

Ecological on the outside, technological inside

Many people pay attention to the Montfort school as an educational center of private ownership, free and autonomous, with a special charm to be located in the countryside and with a commitment to environmental management.

We find a balance between what our children can learn, not only inside the classroom, but also outside of it. Internally, an ICT implementation innovation is forged so that students and teachers benefit from resources that are not always limited to textbooks. "The possibilities can be endless, but you have to learn to use them well, in an ethical, rational and with values," they say from the center.

Moreover, the Montfort School has highlighted this last year by the implementation of a new technological project with an endowment of Tablets of last generation, which have been distributed in their Interactive Classrooms of Collaborative Learning. It is a new online educational experience in which different teams of students, led by their teachers, discover an innovative way of learning the different subjects through virtual tools that allow them to work as a team and acquire digital skills.

Be the best you can be

"It is important for us that our students are competitive when applying for a place in the university and to be present today they have to demonstrate that they possess the qualities required by foreign companies and universities: leadership and teamwork, entrepreneurship, negotiation and speak in public, "says Gillian Flaxman, director of the British Council School. That is why this center strives for its students to participate in different supra-curricular activities where they develop these competences.

Founded in 1940, it is still the only school of the British Council in Spain, a private and mixed center whose mission is to offer a model of British and bicultural quality education specially designed for students to develop their full potential (hence the school's motto: Be the best you can be). Being part of this international organization and dependent on the British Government makes them a serious, stable, committed and committed to excellence. Traditionally, all of its students successfully access the best universities, both in Spain and the United Kingdom, USA. and other countries, being highly trained to reason, express themselves, study and work in several languages.

A lo Hogwarts

Because if something sounds to us the competition of the Four Houses of the Alegra school it is the same that is celebrated every year in the school of magic and sorcery to which the famous wizard Harry Potter goes, in the books of J.K Rowling. At the end of the course there is a balance to see who gets the Cup of the House and in this center, substitute the results of the class of potions for sports, in addition to those shown by their students with respect to solidarity and good behavior.

Divide and win

Centers like San Pablo CEU, they apply and promote in each one of their campuses different study plans, although they always start from a basic educational plan, but, in any case, all oriented so that students know how to orientate their future as far as higher education is concerned.

Vanguard 2.0

The San Juan Evangelista school, whose educational project began in 2011, aspires to educational excellence, understood not only as academic excellence, but also as personal. Its educational principles are based on personalized education and the Grundstein methodology, which has its roots in the study of the true foundations of education: experience, the value of a job well done, the will to do good and common sense.

Ana Cemborain and Laura Revuelta

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