Post-holiday diets: what should I eat to lose weight fast?

After the culinary excesses of Christmas and, like every year, there are many people who intend to start the year with good dietary purposes. Sometimes, we intend to resort to a "magic formula" as a recipe, to mitigate the gastronomic excesses of these days, but we must not forget that by losing weight we can not neglect our health.

What should I eat for lose weight fast? Is it good to be one day with grapefruit to lose weight? What if I do not have dinner for a few days? Is it advisable to take this or that infusion? Could I use the dissociated diets? And the proteas?

The science of nutrition is not in favor of "diets of punishment", based exclusively on a strong caloric reduction, or of concoctions with supposed slimming properties. As in many other aspects of life, the secret is in order and in order to maintain a healthy diet. The Castilian proverb says it, wise in this case: "For good life, order and measure". Order to plan with common sense the family diet and measure when adjusting the rations.

7 tips to lose weight after Christmas

In order not to neglect health and to reduce those extra kilos that we have accumulated during the last month of the year, it is advisable to follow these tips:

1. Plan the weekly meal. If you do so, you will avoid eating the first thing you see when you open the fridge.

2. For dinner, salads are an excellent option for its easy preparation, for the variety of ingredients that we can use and for its low energy contribution.

3. Do not forget to keep doing all five meals even on holidays. You can take advantage of the mid-morning or snack to take the fruit. Do not skip a meal pretending to compensate for the excesses committed. Try to return to normal as soon as possible.

4. The most recommendable way to burn off possible excesses is by exercising, always adapted to the physical conditions of each one, without incurring exaggerations.

5. Apply the 3 x 2 rule for extras: sweets, drinks, etc. I could take three, but I take two.

6. Infusions can be a good resource so as not to neglect the adequate intake of water.

7. Do not be in a hurry to lose the weight you've gained during the holidays. It is healthier, and eventually more effective, acquire good habits.

In this recently released year we would not do badly to propose to follow, not necessarily to the letter, but the spirit of the wise recommendation that Don Quixote gives to his faithful Sancho: "Eat little and eat more little, than the health of everything the body is forged in the stomach office. "

Pedro J. Toranzos. Bachelor of Pharmacy, Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition, Master in Dietetics

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