Learning languages: alternatives for young people

In what ways can we ask young people to learn another language? Because at the stage where they are, sitting in a chair to study a new language, the safest thing is that it does not adjust to their weekly rhythm, or simply does not seem attractive to them, and precisely what we are looking for are ways for them to learn another language they feel like and it is effective.

The Erasmus scholarship

The Erasmus scholarship is reserved for students in university education. It allows students to perform some stage of their learning abroad and focuses on formal and informal learning, with the aim of improving the educational and training capacities of people.

The amount received by an "Erasmus" varies from year to year as it depends on the annual budgets of each Community, but usually the figure is between 100 and 200 euros per month.

There are a number of requirements to apply for this scholarship, such as being enrolled in a University and pursuing an official degree or having exceeded a minimum number of credits required by each University.

Online courses

Taking online courses gives them time flexibility. The possibility that they mark their rhythm makes the "I do not have time" disappear. It is demonstrated that when carrying out online courses there is greater motivation and lower dropout rate by the student compared to face-to-face courses. With this they learn to be constant and responsible, because by not having schedules they are more tempted to leave it.

In addition there are some online learning platforms that offer several teachers to the same student so you can listen to different accents and expressions.

Face-to-face courses

The face-to-face courses, or academies, provide the evidence that the online courses left in the hands of your children. Going to a specialized center may seem unappetizing, but student follow-up is very scheduled and this facilitates learning.

The main advantage is the direct contact that can be maintained both with the teacher and with classmates. They will be able to pose their doubts to the teacher during school hours and that he / she will solve them at the moment. This is why they are the best option in cases where they come into contact with a language for the first time.

Internship abroad

In this case, there are web portals that centralize the offers of scholarships in universities and practices for young Spaniards who want to train abroad. The positive thing about this is that at the same time that they are trained in the professional and work environment, they are learning another language and another culture.

When deciding that they want to live this experience of internships abroad, they are demonstrating that they want to take action and learn to take initiative. In addition, it is highly valued by companies to have international experience.

To learn more about these practices, the web site estudios-internacionales.universia.net presents many options for agreements and in its blog studyinuk.universiablogs.net it is easy to find the necessary information.

Au pair

Going abroad as an au pair is very rewarding. First, because of the work they do in helping a family member maintain order in the home, and second because in this way learning the language is much quicker and easier.

One of the biggest advantages is that they will learn by having fun. The positive thing about this is that they will learn a lot from the children they care for every day, and accommodation will not be a concern because families welcome them into their homes and live with them.

There are many au pair agencies that facilitate the process to carry out the activity, and they explain what steps you should take.

Groups of conversation with foreigners

Perhaps this alternative is the least known. There are countless centers, bars, libraries ... that carry out conversation activities with foreigners. In these groups, learning another language is as simple as sitting down for a coffee and talking with other people, what they do so often.

English is usually the star language of these groups, although there are other multicultural languages. It is very positive to improve the failures and let go when talking, while you meet new friends, have fun and share hobbies.


Visiting the country where the language you want to learn is spoken is essential to obtain a good knowledge of it. A great way to save-or reduce considerably? Expensive stays abroad are exchanges. There are numerous institutions that put us in contact with families interested in sending one of their members to our country, in exchange for receiving us in theirs. In addition to the language factor, the exchange is an extremely enriching experience for the life of any young person.

On the other hand, it is important and advisable to know very well what type of house they are going to and who make up the family to which we send our son so as not to bring unpleasant surprises.

Sara Pérez
Advice:José Ramón Torres Águila. Doctor in Educational Sciences from the University of Barcelona

Video: One Simple Method to Learn Any Language | Scott Young & Vat Jaiswal | TEDxEastsidePrep

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