Family ski trips

Would you like to go to ski with your family and you do not know how to do it? Organizing the trip of the whole family to the snow requires investing time in finding and booking family rooms, with full board, buying and booking the pass, booking classes with qualified teachers for children or for adults ... do you need help?

Now there is an easy, comfortable and much fun way to go to the snow as a family. Family skiing It facilitates the organization of all this and also guarantees that you will always be accompanied by monitors and a lot of other families with whom to share this great adventure to the snow

And if some of you ask: what happens if a father does not like to ski or can not? Then it is always possible to join the tourist package, in which different activities have been programmed to enjoy the natural, gastronomic and cultural environment of Jaca and its surroundings. In the afternoons, the day of adventures of snow in family is completed with a visit to the station of Canfranc, the participation in gymkanas, games of bowling or skating on ice.

Double programs for skiers and non-skiers

Thanks to the double programs all the members of the family will be able to fully enjoy the experience in the snow. The skier program is designed for children and parents who want to practice the beautiful and fun sport of skiing, while the tourist program is designed for parents who can not or do not want to ski, and who prefer to reconcile the skiing day of their relatives with different cultural, gastronomic and tourist alternatives in the middle of nature.

Thus, while children will find entertainment and fun practicing skiing, making new friends thanks to contact with other families with whom to share emotions, enjoying nature and the mountain landscape and strengthening family ties, parents who choose to join the tourist program, they will have the opportunity to share a sporting and fun experience with their children, doing cultural, gastronomic and sports tourism, and establishing friendships with other families. For this reason, it is worth noting that 80% of the families repeat the following year and that 20% of the participants choose the option of the tourist program.

Travel to the snow as a family with everything

Accommodation with half board in hotel *** in family rooms.
Ski pass, classes and food at the station for the skier program
Alternative activities to the practice of skiing for the tourist program
Team of qualified monitors who will be responsible for the development of all activities.
Insurance of R.C. and accidents.
Telephone contact for emergencies and 24 hour support vehicle.
Program of entertainment activities scheduled for all during the afternoons.
System of monitoring of group activities with sending by email to parents and relatives of position on the map and photographs of the moment of the activities carried out

The ski trip lasts 5 days and 4 nights, and is aimed at families with children who, in addition to learning to ski or snowboard, can also enjoy a leisure time together with other families, living a holiday in the snow very fun and different.

The Astún winter season located in the Aragonese Pyrenees in the province of Huesca, which is very close to the city of Jaca, is the ski station chosen for this trip. It has 42 skiable kilometers and is considered a safe and recommended station for families.

Some of the services that are included in the ski program during the 4 days of skiing are ski pass with access to all ski lifts, self-service hot food in the station restaurant and 2 hours of daily classes with qualified teachers at all the levels (both skiing and snowboarding) and guided and reinforcement skiing the rest of the day with our monitors.

Among the optional services that can be part of the skiing program, the 4 days of skiing include the rental of the complete ski or snowboard equipment, the private bus stop to get on and off the station and the proposal of alternative activities to the skiing, for people who choose the tourist program: cultural, gastronomic, hiking ...

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