Skipping the snack also has health consequences

Much is said about how important breakfast is, but what about the rest of the meals that should be taken throughout the day? All those food intakes are also important and skipping any of them can have an impact on the health of people. Even do without the snack, a moment that is usually forgotten when being placed on an evening stretch.

But do without the snack It's not a good idea. As explained by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation In the Anibes study, avoiding this food has consequences similar to those of not having a breakfast. Those who do not sit in the middle of the afternoon to eat have a higher probability of suffering from obesity and have abdominal fat, increasing the chances of developing heart disease.

Fat accumulation

The data of this study reveal that those people who elude one of these meals: breakfast or snack, have higher rates of obesity, with all the problems that this entails. Even if the calories they eat are the same as a person who complies with the five food intakes recommended by the nutritionists.

What is the explanation? The organism tends to accumulate more fat to resolve the periods of fasting. Although the calories ingested be the same, if they are distributed over two simple meals, the body prevents the lack of a meal accumulating fat to be able to have reserves of energy. But if this food intake is distributed throughout the day, there will not be this need.

Five meals a day

All meals, of the five recommended in a day, are equally important. Fulfilling this routine will help maintain good nutrition. From the Ministry of Health the benefits of respecting this half-dozen food intake throughout the day are remembered.

A routine in which neither is bad idea include "intermediate meals" Small food intakes in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon are a good food habit. The snack is usually mid-afternoon, it is a time away from lunch and dinner the same as the mid-morning snack.

Therefore intermediate meals are a good opportunity to complete the recommended daily rations. For this appetizer or small snack to be balanced and give you energy, you have to moderate the consumption of foods rich in saturated fats and refined sugars, such as industrial pastries and carbonated soft drinks.

In addition, these appropriate intermediate foods also help control overweight. They are a effective method to calm the appetite and complete the diet. To determine the type of food that should be included in your appetizer or small snack, you have to review what is eaten in the main meals and complement these products with what has been missing, taking into account the food pyramid.

Damián Montero

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