Relationship between siblings, how parents can help improve it

A family is composed of several members that interact with each other. Not only do the parents maintain a relationship with their children, but they also create a bond between them. The brothers they talk, they play, they support and they create a nexus based on love and affection that makes them have a partner to share the good times and have someone to help them in the bad.

However, in some cases jealousy or the feeling that the brother is too small to relate to him, they do not encourage the bond between these people so much. At this point parents can do much to strengthen this link between their children by making the family join even more and the climate within the home is perfect.

The brother's caretaker

As explained Janis Keyser, a member of the Early Childhood Education Department of Cabrillo College, California, a good first step is to make the older sibling feel like the caregiver of the little one. A lab that starts from the pregnancy of the next child, at which time parents can make the biggest ones feel that they have a responsibility: to ensure that when the new member arrives home, they have no problem.

In this sense, he suggests 'relax' a little the work of father. For example, when it comes to going out, it is the older brother who accompanies the child in their games without direct intervention from the parents, who will remain as caretakers. The objective It is simple, to turn children into their perfect leisure companions so they can see how much they can enjoy together.

In the case that the older brother knows how to read, he can allow himself to sit next to the little one to tell him the stories of the books. In this way, one will practice this habit and the other will benefit from the narratives he hears. There are many other activities that you can share, such as making a simple recipe together or doing crafts in the afternoon.

Respect your individuality

We must also remember that each child deserves his own space to develop as a person and this sometimes involves forming his own group of friends. It is not necessary to suppress that the older brother has fun with activities of the children of his age and that he can not do with the smallest of the house. We must take advantage of the moments that can happen together but without forcing them.

We must also accept that there will be occasions for conflict. We should not see them as a failure, but as an opportunity to improve the relationship between brothers even more. Either by jealousy or by quarrels of the game, there will be moments in which the brothers fight, since as Keyser remembers it is quite improbable that the children do not fight among themselves in some occasion.

In these situations you have to sit children and exercise mediator, that both share their point of view. The objective in these cases will be to make them reach an agreement and solve their problems so that the good climate returns to the house. Parents should try not to opt for any of them, unless clearly one has made a mistake as hitting the other.

The best intervention is to find a way to support both. It is good to remember that if a child behaves aggressively is the result of frustration, surely. If the discussion has turned into a fight, you have to separate them and make it clear that this behavior is not allowed. When you have separated them, you should leave them a moment to calm down before beginning a dialogue.

Damián Montero

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