Spanish parents would like to spend more time with their children

There is no greater satisfaction for a father than spending time with his son. The sensations experienced at this time are indescribable and only those who have experienced it can define these feelings. But work and the other obligations mean that the parents can not devote all the hours they would like to the little ones.

In fact, according to the National Commission for the Rationalization of Spanish Timetables, ARHOE, few parents show satisfied by the time they spend with their children. Most of them would like to enjoy more hours with their little ones and enjoy these moments full of happiness.

They need more time

For this study, ARHOE requested that parents adjectives the weather They spend with their children. 63% of participants said that it is less than necessary, on the contrary 32% explained that they qualify it as fair or adequate and only 3% revealed that these hours are more than they think is recommended.

The percentage of people who consider that they spend less time than necessary with their children increases in the case of men. A 68.70% of parents Thus qualifies the hours he dedicates to his children compared to 63.07% of women. A situation that responds to the tendency of mothers to take care more of the care of the smallest of the house.

In addition, 69% of parents reveal that they believe their children are not happy with the time they spend with their parents. 30% believe that the children are satisfied with these hours and 1% believe that it is more than what is strictly necessary for families.

This situation causes parents to show negative feelings when talking about the time they spend with their children. 75% of the participants used adjectives like tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, guilty, stressed, trapped, sad, bad, dissatisfied, impotent, overwhelmed, exhausted, desolate, indignant or saturated, when asked about this issue.

Only 25% answered this question describing their feelings as: good, happy, lucky, satisfied, proud, adapted, perfectly accepted. Data that reveal how one of the biggest shortcomings of the current society is the labor conciliation that allows parents to spend time with their children.

The consequences of this situation

This study also asked parents about how they think they could influence this lack of time with their children and what results they expect from this situation. These are the main consequences that the participants in this investigation:

- Instability of the couple due to not being able to adequately attend family demands.

- School failure in the child, due to the lack of adequate support.

- Defective or poor diet that can end up in cases of obesity, overweight, etc.

- Deficiency in the transmission of values, principles and habits of parents.

- Descent of birth natality.

- Low work performance.

Damián Montero

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