Alcohol and tobacco, an inseparable tandem for many young people

Teenagers face numerous dangerous in their youth. A party among friends can be the first contact with different risks that can seriously harm you such as the alcohol and tobacco. A dangerous tandem that is usually understood as inseparable by the new generations.

This is a warning from the Center for Health Policy Studies at the University of California, San Francisco. More and more young people link the consumption of alcohol to the one of the tobacco, especially in the celebrations, which is giving rise to an increase of the risk between the new generations.

They think it's more pleasant

The specialists of this center surveyed more than 500 young smokers and were asked about the beginning of the consumption of this product. More than 40% of these interviewees acknowledged that this principle was related to the intake of alcohol at a party during their adolescence. Most of them recognized that they understood more pleasantly the experience of having a drink if they had a cigarette nearby.

Another high percentage of respondents also stated that during their adolescence through alcohol consumption, they also tried the marijuana to understand that the taking of alcoholic beverages was better if they smoked this product. The onset of these addictions, tobacco and cannabis, therefore, are related to the intake of alcoholic beverages.

Prevent alcohol in young people

This study shows how alcohol can be the gateway to other more dangerous addictions such as tobacco or marijuana. Therefore, it is evident the need for prevention in the consumption of these drinks to EVITED these problems. Here are some tips to get it:

- Maintain a good dialogue with the children and take every opportunity to talk

- Betting on leisure activities and common hobbies, finding a way to have fun with them

- Know how to adopt each educational project to the needs of each child

- Transmit good values.

- Know your friends and your group.

- Offer, as far as possible, the house itself for meetings of friends.

- Impose reasonable and firm schedules for when teenagers leave.

- Positively reinforce the behaviors that deserve it and negatively those that require correction, pointing out the latter and explaining the correct action, but without disqualifying people.

Damián Montero

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