Read babies from the cradle: long-term benefits

Of the many studies and figures that there are about reading, there is one in particular that is extraordinarily striking. The difference in the number of words that children of three years know, based on their family interactions, is abysmal. Is difference, up to 30 million words, has its origin in the verbal interactions from childhood between parents and children. Reading aloud influences decisively.

Both the vocabulary used and the complexity of messages in the interactions produce significant discrepancies in children's knowledge, as well as in their abilities and experiences. In this way, it happens that some children start preschool with a much more limited vocabulary, which they are not able to compensate.

Read a story every day

It has been shown that both wealth and lack of vocabulary have long-term consequences. In fact, the reading ability of children in third grade is one of the best predictors of success in Secondary and later. Read aloud to children Small is one of the most effective ways to enrich the language and enhance literary skills necessary to start school at an optimal level.

Read to our children in the Early Childhood Education is associated with greater linguistic ability and a perfect literary acquisition. Even controlling the family educational level and socio-economic status, the linguistic qualities of children's home is the most important factor in the development of language skills.

Experiences in childhood establish the habits of search, interest, and incorporation of new and more complex experiences as schemes to categorize and think about these experiences. From a neurological point of view, childhood is a critical age because it is when cortical development occurs. This development is directly affected by the amount of activation of the nervous system, due to stimulation by experiences.

From a behavioral point of view, childhood is a unique stage where the child's experiences are mediated by adults in interactions puffs of affection and affection one by one. Once children become more independent and begin to speak for themselves, they have more access to opportunities to gain experience. But the number and diversity of past experiences in childhood influences the new opportunities to acquire experiences that they choose and that will seem worthy of attention.

Strengthen your reading habit from the cradle

Try a reading habit in the childhood between parents and children is productive in more ways than one. Doing this will strengthen language skills, literary development and the father-son relationship.

In fact, at first the interest in reading in children it was limited only to enhance the linguistic and literary impact, but several studies have shown that reading regularly to young children stimulates an optimal pattern of brain development and strengthens the parent-child relationship at a critical moment of development, apart from building language, reading ability and socio-emotional skills that will last a lifetime. In fact, the differences in the vocabulary of children between 8 and 9 years old are explained by exposure to very talkative families or not very interactive families.

A high reading capacity in adults It correlates even with a greater economic potential, with an interruption in the cycles of poverty, better health and independence throughout life. A program to increase awareness of the importance of reading aloud to young children, got parents to read their children aloud regularly. As a result, the children of this same program improved their language development significantly before 24 months, compared with the study control group.

Mayte Balda

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