How to encourage children to be independent tomorrow

The education and education of our children is a constant from the moment of their birth. Parents take responsibility not only for their care, but also for their learning at the intellectual, social and emotional levels. That is why part of our work consists in offering them tools that will serve them for their life as adults, among them, the independence management.

When and how to give wings to children

Is independence it must be understood from a personal perspective, that is, the way in which, from birth, they understand the world and relate to it, not only to the ability to do things for themselves. This way of seeing the world is directly influenced by the environment in which they develop and the adults they have as an example (mainly their parents, but also teachers or grandparents).

Parents are responsible for transmitting forms of behavior, ways of seeing life, making decisions and even some tastes, which will gradually shape the personality and autonomy of the child, and is related to the wishes and preferences that they themselves have since their arrival in the world, for this reason It is important that they practice independence from their first year of life.

Learn to be independent

As they grow, Children learn to be independent through their own decisions and actions. They are able to learn to change their behavior as they are faced with negative situations in order to enjoy their own successes.

And in this activity lies the importance that parents do not control absolutely everything that children do, so that they learn that everything has consequences both for them and for their environment. For example, it is important to let them see that they do not play until they have finished homework because parents will not do it for them before going to school.

How to encourage children to be independent

Parents are responsible for transmitting discipline and self-control based on family values, as it is the only way for children learn what independence is and how to apply it tomorrow.

1. Setting limits. Children become independent as they learn to control their bodies, minds and emotions and their guardians must inculcate these norms in a loving way, but setting limits and explaining what is expected of them and how they should apply self-control.

Education is the only way for young people to understand that there are limits, and that each person has rights and obligations that have consequences. If we are able to teach them how to use these tools, our children will be ready to overcome any obstacle, achieve their desires and enjoy life both in community and individually.

2. Acceptance of the rules. These relationships offer a model of behavior and the ease of learning to do things for themselves. It is then a matter of modifying their behavior so that it conforms to norms that they consider appropriate, hence their independence and the ability to show themselves as they are through their actions.

Hence the responsibility of parents to encourage the relationship of their children with the environment in order that they know themselves and the person in which they want to convert. In addition, it is important to create a climate of acceptance in which they feel safe and not judged, but understood and advised. Paying attention to the activities they carry out, observing whether they are positive or negative, will help them to adopt a responsible attitude.

3. Decision making. From childhood they must be able to make their own decisions and modify them according to their needs. If we see that these acts are not going to pose a problem or harm, it will be time to give them the ability to make their own decisions, thus creating their own way. The youngsters will be able to acquire independence to become independent and prepare for adult life.

Deanna Marie Mason, expert in education and family health. Author of the blog Dr. Deanna Marie Mason. An educational approach to adaptation

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