Healthy back: tips and advantages of maintaining good posture

Why is it vital to have a healthy back?, and most importantly, if 55% of communication between people is done non-verbally, that is, through body language, what does the position we have of ourselves say?

Back pain appears as a result of repeated physical tensions, accidents, depression or an increase in psychological stress. Other factors related to lifestyle such as inadequate nutrition or poorly performed exercise They make your back the first thing that suffers.

The back is our source of health

Any change in the structure or function of the back can affect you negatively.
Alterations in the bone structure that protects the back, that is, in the spine are called "vertebral subluxation" and its effects on health can be varied and range from narrow or weak muscle groups, degeneration of the spinal discs, pain of back or cervical, to common ailments such as migraines, tension headaches, pain in the jaw, pain in the ribs, poor concentration, sleep disorders, hip pain, knee pain or foot problems.

Therefore, a healthy back is responsible for a healthy nervous system, and this is crucial to maintain the health of the body and mind.

Why the position is so important

To have good posture It is very important to give a good and healthy image of ourselves. It also has to do with the security and confidence that we seem to have.

When we are standing or sitting up straight, the spine lengthens, the abdominals stay in place, and the heart opens. It's what we call the effect of "get breast."

With this simple gesture people send a message around them that they are interesting to know, they have confidence in themselves and they are awake and aware of what is happening around them.

Every time a person receives regular chiropractic care, it seems higher and safer. Everyone comments that their friends congratulate them because, without knowing how, now they seem healthier than before.

Maintaining good ergonomics at work, investing in good material to sit or sleep will also be things that we must take care of.

Tips and advantages of maintaining a good body posture

1. Look at the mirror in front and in profile. When we look at our spine from the front or the back, all the vertebrae should appear "stacked" in a straight line. The only curves in the back should be in the neck, shoulders and lower back, and they should be able to draw a straight line down from the shoulders to the back of the hip and the front of the knee, The entire line should be a few centimeters from the ankle.

2. Take care of the sitting posture. When we are seated the neck should be vertical, not leaning forward, and the shoulders should be relaxed, with the knees bent at right angles and the feet flat on the floor. As for the arms, they should hang loosely next to the torso.

3. Walk and do not cross your legs. When we feel the temptation to cross our legs or to sit down badly, we must understand that the body is asking for movement, so the ideal thing is to go for a walk or walk for a while moving our arms.

4. The wallet in the pocket of the shirt. Many people sit on top of their wallets that they keep in the back pocket of their pants. If you do this, you are stressing the pelvis and spine. So you better keep it in a bag or in the pocket of the shirt or jacket.

5. Visit a chiropractor to do a professional postural study. The position we have depends on our neurological control, not on the strength of the muscles, as many people believe. Adjusting regularly keeps our nervous system free of interference and, consequently, can give good orders to the muscles so that they in turn give good information to the tendons and thus be able to move the joints well and not injure ourselves.

6. It facilitates breathing. A good posture allows you to breathe correctly. This is the reason why it is important to pay as much attention to the posture and to the straight positions when sitting.

7. Increase concentration and ability to think. When we breathe correctly, the ability to think also increases. Our brain requires 20% oxygen to do its job correctly. More air, more oxygen. More oxygen, more food for the brain. More food for the brain leads to more thoughts and ideas.

8. Improve the image. People who maintain a good posture seem smarter and more attractive. Someone with a good posture exudes an aura of assertiveness and attractiveness.

9. It makes us feel better with ourselves. When you maintain good posture, you help yourself feel more confident, without even doing anything else.

10The benefits of maintaining good posture are many and among them is that we avoid many health complications. Poor posture leads to several complications over time, such as increased risks of herniated discs, back pain, pressure within the chest, lack of oxygenation or poor circulation of blood, among others.

The posture has a huge impact on our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, so it is important that, from birth, we pay attention, because it depends on our present and future health.

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Video: Proper Posture for a Healthy Spine

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