Sleeping after an anger affects the quality of sleep

A smile is always better than a frown. Being cheerful is a better option than getting angry multiple reasons: life is seen in a happier way, it is enjoyed more every moment and also he sleeps better. It has always been said that going to bed in a huff is not recommended, and now a group of scientists shows that this is true.

As indicated in a study published in the journal Natura Communications those who go to bed have such a probability of not resting as well as those who went to sleep with good thoughts.

Influence of negative thoughts

The researchers of the Beijing Normal University, China, started from the hypothesis that the human brain tends to strengthen negative memories during the night. That is, those who go angry to the bed continue to manifest in their mind those events that had caused their emotional state and it was harder to fall asleep.

To demonstrate this hypothesis, they submitted 73 students from this center to two types of tests. The first of these was to associate inexpressive faces with images of a certain rawness, such as wounded people, children crying and other photographs that gave rise to a negative thought in them. The second part of this study forced these patients to face the faces again without any expression to check if their brain remembered the feelings of the disturbing images.

This second part was carried out in two batches. The first of them at half an hour after having seen them and the other 24 hours after having done this task. The purpose was to see how the brain had reacted to these provocative images of negative feelings and if he had assimilated these photographs as a negative memory.

Negativity affects the bed

The results of this study showed that after half an hour the brain had shown to have overcome these negative images and on the contrary if one day was allowed to pass, the mind had strengthened these memories. The reason? The researchers explain that in the first situation the brain of the students after 30 minutes of rest, they had to undergo another test making the hippocampus, center of memory, work more.

However, after 24 hours the brain had strengthened these negative memories better because the hippocampus had not been as active and these thoughts had spread throughout the brain. cerebral cortex. Or what is the same, go to bed after an experience that alters the person, the mind of this tends to internalize these sensations if the hippocampus is not launched in happier situations.

In case someone goes to bed angry, his brain strengthens these negative memories, which makes appear in them a feeling of anguish that prevents reaching a restful sleep. In addition, the fact that the minds of these people strengthen these thoughts makes the next morning the character also dawns sour and these memories are more difficult to forget.

To bed with good humor

At this point the researchers remember the need to go to bed with a smile on the mouth. For the advisable is that in the case that there has been a discussion, people should talk, try to resolve these differences and do what is possible because a smile is born in their mouths to prevent these thoughts are internalized.

In this way you will be able to avoid that these feelings are recorded in your brains and that your minds work during the night with these thoughts making rest more difficult to achieve.

Damián Montero

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